Genoveva Casanova, the “new Corinna” according to the Danish press: “They share tastes”

Genoveva Casanova It has generated a veritable media tsunami in Spain and, for more than obvious reasons, also in Denmark. In Informalia We have already collected the reactions of the Danish press, in which they are harsh after the photos of the crown prince with the Mexican woman in Madrid. Danish journalists are even already talking about a possible divorce Frederick of Denmark y Mary Donaldson, because the Australian princess, who has only reappeared once after the photos, would be considering it. The ex of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, in her impressive version, said that there was nothing of a romantic relationship.

However, the Danish press continues with the issue to the point that journalists have compared it to the same Corinna Larsen, the former friend of King Juan Carlos. “They are very similar cases, two women who operate in high society and who end up in the inner circle of someone from royalty. Genoveva is the new Corinna,” he says. Weekbased on information from different media, such as Elkstra Bladet. “The two move like fish in water in high society. And they share common tastes, such as luxuries, palace life and their love for hunting,” the Danish journalists also add.

In any case, the main value judgments are made towards the prince, married and heir to the institution headed by his mother, the Queen Margaret. They emphasize that “it is Federico’s own fault” what is happening due to an “absolutely incredible lack of judgment.” They also regret that Philip VI was a first-person witness to this scandal, since it must be remembered that the monarch was in Denmark on a state trip with Mrs. Letizia when the photos were published. The trip coincided with her 20th anniversary and the gift came wrapped with a bow.

While they are writing all this in their country, Federico continues with his agenda as if he were not in the eye of the hurricane for his extramarital activities. He demonstrated it this Thursday on the island of Zealand. The staging of Federico It has been, to say the least, ironic, since we have seen him dressed incognito in the official hunt of the Danish Royal House, called the King’s Hunt. Taking into account that she met her friend Genoveva at one of them, she finds it funny. He, of course, has seemed relaxed in the Gribskov forests, where for the first time in 15 years he has banned himself from the press (orders of the Queen Margaret).