Genoveva Casanova and Prince Federico, protagonists of ‘specials’ on Danish television

Last Wednesday, November 8 Genoveva Casanova turned 47 and received as a gift the publication of the photographs with Frederick of Denmark in Madrid. Faced with media pressure, he decided to take the car and, after speaking with Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, he took his car and his dogs and drove to San Sebastián, to take refuge in the Arbaizenea palace, as we had pointed out.

The Duke of Arjona and his very young girlfriend maintain, at least in appearance, a good relationship with the friend of Prince Frederick of Denmark. Let us remember that the youngest of the Duchess of Alba’s sons was married to Gegoveva until 16 years ago and has often lent the spectacular 19th century construction to the mother of her twins.

It was there where the Mexican that Mary Donaldson does not want to meet in person where the Mexican spent part of her convalescence in the pulmonary embolism that she suffered last July, an illness that, as we already reported, led to a pulmonary infarction, for which she was hospitalized for eight days.

This Wednesday, Hola magazine shows the graphic evidence that attests to our information, contrary to others that placed Genoveva in London or Mexico. The paparazzi Diego Arrabal assured that she was in London with her children, as were other collaborators of programs such as Paloma Barrientos, who also placed her in the British capital or Beatriz Cortázar who said in the Sonsoles program that she had gone “out of Spain.” . Fake.

But it was difficult to capture her in San Sebastian because she has only left the palace on occasion out of necessity, as shown in the photographs in this report published by the weekly. She had to do several messages, among them, solving an issue related to his mobile phone, which these days does not stop ringing. On the way to the phone store, the publication captured her having a conversation. The images of her sorrowful face give us an idea of ​​the concern to which she is subjected and which is reflected on her face, as stated in the magazine.

The Danish press and several commentators such as Miguel Ángel Nicolás or Alessandro Lequio, among others, cast doubt on the version given by the agency in the sense that Genoveva being caught with Frederick of Denmark was by chance. There are two options: that she place herself in places where she knew they were going to hunt her or that she send her information to the agency through third parties. On the afternoon of October 25, Genoveva took the Danish heir to the exhibition Picasso, the sacred and the profane, at the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. She also had him walking through El Retiro and enjoying dinner and the flamenco show at El Corral de la Morería, but in a booth. They left the last ones and after one in the morning.

She did not at any time try to go unnoticed: she did not wear sunglasses to move around the city center, nor a hat, nor a hood or scarf to cover her. The strange thing would have been if they didn’t catch her sooner or later.

At no time have either she or Frederick of Denmark explained why the future king of Denmark spent the night at their house, instead of in a hotel or at the embassy. “I flatly deny the statements that suggest a romantic relationship between Prince Frederick and me,” Genoveva assured without providing answers.

Danish television has aired specials on the scandal between Genevieve and the prince. And local magazines and media cast doubt on the Mexican woman’s version that there is no romantic relationship because, as she maintains, they are friends. The photos, indeed, do not show that there were kisses or loving attitudes. But no one explains how it is possible that the Heir spent the night at Genoveva’s residence, or whether his wife, Mary Donaldson, was aware of this ‘a,istad’.

That same Wednesday, November 8, Genoveva sent a burofax through her lawyers: “By means of this letter we formally urge you to quash, rectify and/or dismantle the eight-page article with the cover of 11/08/2023 and any statement or insinuation spread in which the affirmation and insinuation of a romantic relationship with HRH Prince Frederick of Denmark is manifested, which, being totally false, its disclosure causes serious damage to the honor and image of my clientas well as to His Royal Highness, by a widely disseminated media and absolutely lacking the truth.” But in reality, the magazine Lecturas did not attribute any love relationship between the Mexican woman and the prince, it simply showed a public figure (atnto, like a future king), with a famous one in public places.

To make matters worse, the publication of the report coincided with the State visit of the Kings of Spain to Denmark. Felipe VI and Mrs. Letizia were caught by the scandal in Copenhagen and this generated discomfort at Tuesday’s gala, while the Danish journalists accredited to the various events spoke only of Prince Frederick, his Mexican friend and the face of Princess Mary, distraught after the leak of the scandal.

Nor was there a denial on the part of the Danish Royal House. Contrary to what was written by Genoveva’s legal advisors, the palace apparatus did not deny anything that was published and simply said that they do not have an opinion: “We have maintained a policy for years of do not comment or confirm any details related to private matters. Furthermore, we would like to emphasize our commitment to respecting the privacy of members of the Royal Family, including the crown prince.” In other words, they are not denying anything. Hello says that “at the current moment, their friendship has cooled. What remains to be seen is whether they will distance themselves permanently or see each other again in the future.”