Genoveva Casanova, accused of being responsible for the leak of her photos with Federico of Denmark

The version told by one of the photographers who hunted Genoveva Casanova y Frederick of Denmark together in Madrid is that he found the Mexican woman “by chance” in El Retiro and when he saw that she was with a companion, he decided to photograph her and notify two other companions who were in the area. Initially, and according to that version, the paparazzo did not identify the companion of the Duchess of Alba’s daughter-in-law as the Heir to the Danish throne.

However, after the scandal, the Danish press openly points to the Mexican as responsible for the leak. Regardless of whether the version maintained by the agency that signed the report is true or not, that the meeting was fortuitous, the story is not incompatible with Genoveva being behind the leak, and the explanation is simple: it may not be possible. produced a tip-off as such from Genoveva or a person interfering with the paparazzi, but one thing is that she did not notify them and another that she was exhibited with the heir to the Danish throne in places crowded with the press such as the door of her house in Los Jerónimos, the park from El Retiro or the tablao – restaurant El Corral de la Morería, as well as the Thyssen museum. That is, when she was with the future king she placed herself where she knew they were going to hunt her with him.

Genoveva herself, in the first explanation she leaked to Hola Even before the photos were published, it was clear that she was not hiding, because if she had done so, her encounter with him would not have happened. Mary Donaldson’s husband for the places they chose. And he added that they did not wear scarves that covered their faces or sunglasses that made them difficult to recognize. She said it to imply that she had nothing to hide, as if there needed to be a romantic relationship to consider the mere date of the Mexican with him as news. Queen Margaret’s son.

But what is incomprehensible is that, in addition to Genoveva herself, some members and commentators from different programs try to give a normal status to news as unusual as that The future king of Denmark visits Madrid on a private trip, spends a whole day with Genoveva Casanova, has dinner with her and spends the night at her house.

This Wednesday, journalist Almudena del Pozo left Sandra Barneda and her colleagues stupefied. This is life when he treated the scandal as if it were normal for the future king of Denmark to spend the night at Genoveva Casanova’s house: “I have many friends who come to my house, who can stay the night…”, he said, ignoring the ‘small detail’ that this is His Royal Highness, married to Princess Mary of Denmark. “Genoveva just told me that she doesn’t understand anything, that she is a single woman”, he repeated. “Suddenly a friend is staying the night at a friend’s house and we throw our hands around our heads,” said Almudena del Pozo while her colleagues looked at her with eye-catching eyes.

Other commentators support the version of the Danish media and also point to Genoveva Casanova as the ‘intellectual author’ of the report, such as Alessandro Lequio or Miguel Ángel Nicolás. For its part, Ana Rosa Quintana When listening to his collaborators’ suspicions against Genoveva, he wondered what Cayetano Martínez de Irujo’s ex was gaining by leaking this scandal. The answer is simple: now it is more fashionable, more current; Your presence at parties, events and photocalls is more desired, it will be better valued by sponsors because it will attract more press. And let’s not say how it increases its cache by advertising brands on networks such as creams, cosmetics or any type.