Gattuso: “The pressure is on us, it's a strong team”

Gattuso he is aware that he is facing the leader of LaLiga: “It will be a complicated game because they are first in a league like the Spanish one, that means they are doing a lot of things well,” the Italian began at a virtual press conference. He understands that the game against Real “is important for us after the blow against AZ Alkmaar.”

Txuri Urdin highlighted that “not only do they have quality, they also have a sign of belonging to the club.” TO Gattuso He is impressed by many realistic players: “They don't have only Silva, Imanol He has been with the youth players for many years and that is why they have personality ”. He celebrated that the game is behind closed doors: “We are lucky that tomorrow's game is played behind closed doors because this would be a boiler.” He added that “we have to see the best Naples if we want to beat Real”.

We are lucky that tomorrow's game is played behind closed doors because this would be a boiler

Despite the fact that Napoli played in the Champions League last year and now they do so in the second continental competition, Gattuso He says that “all the games in Europe are complicated, whatever you play against, if you have a team like Real in front of you … Even more,” he warned.

He is clear about the keys to winning: “You have to play with intensity especially the first 30 minutes, move the ball quickly, give it depth with the bands and look for space.” In the same way, Gattuso He remarked that “we have to use the same weapons as Real, they have personality and want the ball.”

In love with the midfield

For a total midfielder like him, Gattuso I couldn't feel anything other than admiration for the midfield Txuri Urdin: “They take the ball played from behind and in midfield he has a lot of talent, but he also knows how to suffer when he doesn't have the ball and that's important.” It reveals that “we have to introduce four or five players to go after them and try to steal in their field.”

Gattuso he is aware that despite the fact that we are in matchday 2 of the Europa League “the pressure is on us because we lost the first game and because they are a strong team. He highlighted the culture and idiosyncrasy of the Real: “It is a team with a great mentality, they have their own culture and language and that is felt in the environment, the players leave with another motivation also for that reason,” he warned.

Gattuso He also praised his bench mate: “He comes from the quarry, from the youth team, it is not easy to get to the first team and that speaks well of the coach,” he said. He remarked that “Imanol he knows the environment and knows how to use the right words to motivate his players. He's very prepared, ”he smiled.