Garitano highlights that “the moment of truth arrives”

Athletic went through Mallorca to sail in calm and windy waters to complicate life. For demerit of lions or for merit of visitors. “For both things surely. It is true that our first two goals have not been the result of a constant attack either. With the ball it has cost us, we have been thicker than we usually are at home. And then the rival has taken a step forward. I have seen their matches, they are all complicated in the First Division, we must close them. There has been a time when it has been difficult, but we were able to do the third. We have to work and fight our matches because there are many quality teams, “he explained Garitano in summary.

The rojiblanco coach admitted that “yes I have seen him jeopardize with 2-1, they can make you the second, they have gone on the attack. In First it is difficult to close the games, for nobody it is easy. With the changes we have had more freshness, we were playing with a team that is risking its life ”.

Córdoba, Vesga and Villalibre, three of the relays, scored the third goal. “I have always said that he is the only center forward we have (for the Buffalo). In those final minutes he finds those finishing areas. We are happy, also with Sancet and with the good work of the rest. Yesterday Muniain He was injured but has decided to play and make an effort for the team. Everyone does their job, “he said. He showed his satisfaction not only by Sancet, but also by other young people: “Córdoba, Unai López, Vesga… Although we are happy for Oihan and the goal will give him confidence ”.

He also stated that “the change is subjective, if you get one who does it well, it should have been a starter. If you take out another and it makes it worse, you have been wrong … In coaching changes we never have anything to gain. On top there are now five … We try to refresh as we think best and we make the decisions as you go, not a posteriori. It is collective work, leaving sooner or later ”.

On the state of form of Williams, He indicated that “I do not like to individualize, he comes from a strong job at the Camp Nou … Those from above live from these states in three or four games. I appreciate everyone's work. It is difficult for them to be at the level, we are playing in a very unusual situation, every 72 hours. Above all, with the ball, when deciding, that finesse, losses … There is a lack of freshness. ”

Regarding the European fight, he said that “we are alive” and that against Valencia, Real Madrid or Seville they must give the breast. “This is how it is if you want to be in those positions, these teams are big words. You have to hit the table and be able to win, matches with direct rivals or with which you aspire to catch. It is the moment of truth, in those matches you have to give the highest level in order to win ”