Garcíascar García: “The rule of the five changes benefits the 'greats'”

Celta coach Garcíascar García He is in favor of the provisional rule that authorizes five changes to be made during the remaining eleven League matches. However, he also warned that this rule will benefit the ‘greats’, since they are the teams that have the best players in the rotation.

“The five changes is a good rule for soccer players,” he stressed in the program. 'Game time' of the Cope chain. “We are not used to playing every three days after a mini preseason and coming from more rest days than in the summer,” he added.

Yes, Oscar He did not hesitate to affirm that “for me, the rule of the five changes benefits the big one. Those who do not play in large teams are starters in any other team. The changes that big teams can make are very good. Most of them are international ”. And he reasoned: “Many times, the other teams ask for players on loan from those teams that are never or almost never playing and who, perhaps, would be the starters with us.”

The Catalan coach, already on the return, said that “physically we are at a good level to start the competition. The perfect team does not exist, nor does the Celtic nor any other. We have to adapt. Injuries are going to be one of the great handicaps ”.

Training Pione Sisto, quite a challenge

On the other hand, Oscar he referred to Pione Sisto, the wayward Danish soccer player who skipped the confinement to go to his country without permission from the Vigo club, for which he was financially sanctioned. “I take it as a challenge. He is a player with different characteristics from all the players we have. We have no other similar to him, “confessed the celestial technician.

What he did affirm is that the winger “knows that he did it wrong, because he did not respect the rules, not only of the club, but also of confinement. He was wrong about that and I told him so. He comes from a different culture, he has had a different education, and for the best, what we see as normal, he sees it differently ”. And he sentenced: “He has already received the club's fine. From there, start working to help the team stay in First Class. “