Garbiñe Muguruza completes four courses during quarantine

Garbiñe Muguruza went through El Hormiguero de Antena 3 to review with Pablo Motos how he has spent these months of confinement at his home in Geneva, where the Spanish has taken the opportunity to show her dancing skills and also to continue training in the academic field.

Muguruza was asked about his viral dance on the TikTok social network: “I really like dancing. I'm always dancing although I don't share it many times but this time I did want to share it. I really like it, it's part of my character. “

The tennis player also recounted how the confinement in Switzerland has been and how it has had an impact on her, who travels around the world every week to play tournaments.“There has not been total confinement here. We have been able to go outside, with restrictions, but we have been fortunate to not always have to be at home. Here they are all very obedient and they take everything to the letter, they are very calm. About his joy … I don't say anything (laughs). The confinement has been hard and I send encouragement and strength to everyone who is having a hard time but For a person like me who is always traveling and who never has a break, this quarantine has been like “I can't believe I'm home for more than two weeks.” It had been eight years since he had been in a place for more than a month. It's crazy. “

The quarantine has also allowed Muguruza to continue training in the academic field by completing four university courses: two Nutrition and Health courses from Stanford University, one in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University and one in Exercise Science from the University of Colorado. In fact, Muguruza revealed that he has learned about nutrition. “It has given me to train the head instead of the body. With my lifestyle and being an athlete I have taken advantage to know the nutrients of each food, what to eat and what not, and I was already interested in it for a long time. Being an athlete you have to carry a strict diet. I like to eat, I'm not that strict, but I do maintain common sense and eat the right things at the right time. When I leave the diet I love pastries, it is my weak point. The croissants, the donuts … fascinate me, but let me be a craftsman. “

Muguruza also shared the knowledge learned in the psychology course, which despite not being one of her favorites, was satisfied with the experience. “In psychology I didn't do any sports, quite the contrary. I found out a lot about putting yourself in the situation of others. You often focus on yourself and sometimes you have to put yourself in someone else's shoes. It was not one of my favorite courses but it was interesting how to help someone in a moment of great suffering or shock. It was not my fort. Now it makes me really sad when I beat a rival (laughs). “