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The real leads the First Division alone after passing over Huesca in a second half of gale scorer txuri urdin. After a more leisurely first act in which Oyarzabal He gave his team an advantage, the Huesca squad tied in the first play of the restart and it felt fatal. Because then a steamroller ran over him, scoring three goals and scoring another three, in a display of energy and ambition. He is the leader of the First Division.

As if you were aware that you might have deposit issues after returning from Rijeka just 48 hours before yesterday's game, the Real faced the low revolution game. It took decibels off his score. Al Huesca, who was not disgusted to keep the ball, did not feel bad and enjoyed long sequences with the ball, before a more timid pressure than usual from the owner of the stadium.

With two similar game ideas, of kneading the ball in search of a gap in the rival back, the game progressed without news from the goalkeepers. The defenses almost always anticipated the last pass, the decisive one, and although the Real entangled something else with David
Silva At the command of operations, the perception that the shock would have to be amassed, tamed, was widespread.

Matches of this type are usually favored by actions of pure talent. La Real, there was little doubt about that, accumulated more technical brilliance in its ranks and it was thanks to a precise play that a game began to crack without chances until after half an hour of play. Oyarzabal found with a great pass to the far post the good unmarking of Guridi, who first touched the heart of the area, getting in the way of the ball the arm of Maffeo. Penalty that, once again, masterfully transformed Oyarzabal giving advantage to the Real. Third maximum penalty of the campaign, third goal. Twelfth in his career without failure.

Immediately afterwards, the Eibar was able to double the mark but another center similar to that of the penalty play, crossed behind the right side, in this case of Gorosabel, he finished it off with a high volley Oyarzabal. The details that were chosen on the side of the Real turned their back on Huesca. In the last play of the first part, Mir came face to face with Remiro after a ball inadvertently combed back Guridi. The Valencian defined poorly. Or the Rioja came out in a magnificent way to deny him the goal and give Real 1-0 at halftime. Pure gold.

It didn't take a minute Mir, in the resumption, to amend his mistake. A perfect header from the forward at the near post to the center of Prince put the equalizer without time for anything.

La Real reacted spectacularly and Oyarzabal had two very clear chances for 2-1. First by stealing a ball after a corner in favor of Huesca and generating a two against one in front of the Aragonese defense. The Eibar rushed to shoot first the pass from For your. It was the 49th minute. The captain repeated a mistake in the 51st minute, in this case after a subtle stop Silva. His shot from the front went wide. On the third the Gipuzkoan did not forgive. Gorosabel put a fantastic cross at the far post and Oyarzabal, rising above Maffeo, returned the advantage to the Real.

The txuri urdin whirlwind did not stop there. Without relaxing a bit, La Real continued to press and with Merino and Isak in the field, both connected so that the Swede failed only before Andrew at 67 '. Only a minute later came the third. La Real, who had not backed down a meter, who was still playing in the rival field, stole a ball by means of Silva and the canary made a marvel to leave two, first, and to put a great ball later to For your that he defined by the short suit before the error of Andrew who searched the center.

Silva He did not want the party to stop and in 74 ', six after 3-1, he connected long with Isak, that won the back to Siovas and shot Andrew.

Gale txuri urdin. Three goals and three other very clear chances in 25 minutes.

The last minutes were played as inventory. The match was decided and even the Real allowed themselves the luxury of making changes and not being awarded another clear penalty on Aritz
Elustondo. His advantage allowed him not to have to regret that action and to enjoy his fourth consecutive victory and a simply wonderful start to the League.

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Real Sociedad, 4: Remiro; Gorosabel, Elustondo, Le Normand, Aihen; Zubimendi, Guridi (Merino, m. 62), Silva (Sagnan, m. 75); Portu (Bautista, d. 75), Willian José (Isak, d. 62) and Oyarzabal (Roberto López, d. 75).

Huesca, 1: Andrés Fernández; Maffeo (Nwakali, d. 70), Siovas, Pulido, Javi Galán (Ontiveros, d. 70); Ferreiro (Sergio Gómez, m. 56), Mosquera, Borja García, Seoane (Gastón Silva, m. 70), Sandro (Escriche, m. 56) and Rafa Mir.

Goals: 1-0: Oyarzabal (m. 34). 1-1: Mir (m. 46). 2-1: Oyarzabal (m. 53). 3-1: Portu (m. 68). 4-1: Isak (m. 74).

Referee: Díaz de Mera (Castilian-La Mancha school). Yellow to Elustondo, Oyarzabal, Escriche

Stadium: Anoeta.