Galatasaray celebrates a regrettable Turkish Super Cup with the abandonment of Fenerbahce


This Sunday, the Turkish Super Cup experienced a new failed attempt to be held at the Sanliurfa GAP Stadyumu, with Galatasaray’s victory due to the abandonment of Fenerbahce after one minute of play, in a long-standing protest that threatened a boycott.

The title, which was already postponed at the end of December when it was not held in Riyadh due to political tensions, was celebrated by Galatasaray, although it is not certain that football would win. Fenerbahce appeared with a team of substitutes, of players from lower categories, not even their coaching staff.

At the opening whistle, Mauro Icardi scored for Galatasaray and, before taking the cross, Fenerbahce left the field. The referee gave the victory to Galatasaray, who did not hesitate to celebrate a regrettable Turkish Super Cup on the pitch.

The complaint with the refereeing actions this season, for which they had requested a foreign referee for this final, and different disputes with the Turkish Federation, such as the management of the recent attack they suffered in the Trabzonspor field, led Fenerbahce to this boycott to the tournament.

“Today, when we go out on the field not to win but to defend the truth, what we want to emphasize to summarize our attitude is to be at the service of Turkish sport with its 117 years of history, not only in football but in all branches in those of us who compete, feeling the national values ​​of the country with its 30 million fans. As the largest sports club in the world, we will continue to stand firm today and tomorrow, as we did yesterday,” said the statement from the ‘sari-Lacivertliler’ team.