Gaby Guillén brings out all her artillery against Bertín: she sits on a set just three weeks after giving birth

The wolf is already here, he must be thinking Bertin Osborne right now. After the ranchera singer's exclusive in his leading magazine (in which he said that he is not going to act as a father even if a paternity test determined that he is one), the turn has come for Gabriela Guillén. The Paraguayan model, less than a month after giving birth, sits in Friday! (Telecinco) to deal the final blow against the singer and tell his version.

This is what he announcedor That's life this Thursday, explaining that the physiotherapist will be the other guest on Friday night. Carlo Costanzia, Mar Flores' son, will also be on Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona's program to talk about the complicated childhood he had as a result of the bad relationship between his parents, their divorce and the closeness he experienced since he was little. drug world.

Gabriel and Bertin

Gabriela is deeply disappointed in the artist but willing to move forward for the little one: “I have formed a single-parent family. The most important thing for me is that my son is full of love and peace. The rest is unnecessary”the Paraguayan said a few days ago to the microphones of We'll see. Regarding the paternity test that the presenter intends to ask for, he also said: “He is the most interested because he doubts. I have no problem doing them”.

Regarding the possibility of leaving Madrid to stay in her homeland with the newborn, Gaby also assured: “If I leave I will leave to disconnect, but not to stay. This is my country, I love Spain, I have been there for 17 years. I am not planning to move at the moment”.

When the model's pregnancy became known in the summer, Bertín came to her defense on social networks. He even attacked the presenters and journalists who brought up information about the pregnancy on their programs. However, as the months passed, the relationship went sour. Gabriela was bothered that Bertín downplayed the importance of their relationship: “I was not a lover, I was his partner. He knew everything around him. I was at his house with his children”he said in November. The tension reached the point that Osborne leaked to fellow journalists his intentions to ask for a paternity test after the birth of the child.

About this, Bertín also spoke exclusively in Hola: “We will have to do some test. I have a responsibility. I have a lot of family. I have children, grandchildren… It would be irresponsible not to get tested. But not for nothing, but because I believe it is fair for everyone around me to do so. It's what everyone would do… And I repeat it again: it is not a matter of distrust, but simply, It is an issue that must be ratified because, if not, then there will be problems.“. He gave this interview just a few days before the birth of the child and the exclusive was already published with the baby in this world.