Gabriela Guillén, victim of a robbery that will affect her baby with Bertín Osborne: “I think it is to find out his paternity”

A Gabriela Guillén Her problems are piling up, and that is that this Friday her baby's chair was stolen from her vehicle. A setback that adds to the drip of information about his distancing from Bertin Osborne in the face of his refusal to act as a father. From This is life The possibility that the theft occurred intentionally has been considered. That is, the author would have knowledge of who the child's parents are.

The events occurred in the early morning, as explained by the Telecinco program. “The theory I have is that they broke the glass of her car and took her car seat. She doesn't have a garage. At three in the morning they called her mother, she didn't have her cell phone connected, “The police tell him that they have broken his car window and he is surprised that his baby seat is missing.”reported Raquel Arias.

“My theory? Well, I'm very sorry, maybe it's very strong, but I think they stole it to find out paternity that people are waiting for so much,” said the winner of Insiders and a friend of Gabriela, who she claims is not having a good time.

“Gabriela is sick today, because she had a baby checkup. She doesn't have the chair. He has to buy another one… And the car is in the workshop. She has said about my theory that I am crazy,” she reported.

Gaby, in the spotlight

This information comes a day after the same program reported on the bank transfers that the presenter made to him last year. According to the Paraguayan model, he only transferred money to her on two occasions, but those around the musician do not say the same: in total, he would have made ten transfers between March and September 2023. All of them would add up to a total of 10,900 euros.

Rachel Arias He has clarified that it is likely that some of these transfers were to pay the physiotherapist for her treatments. According to the Mediaset space this past Thursday, some of these movements came in the form of gifts. In April she paid him, for example, for a suit for the April Fair. And later, in June, a dress for the Nougat Festival.