Gabriela Guillén, nostalgic for Bertín Osborne: the publication that sets off alarms

The love story between Gabriela Guillen y Bertin Osborne makes a 180 degree turn. A priori, the model and the presenter have no relationship (although they are expecting their first child together). However, a publication by Gabriela on her Instagram profile has set off alarm bells, since the singer’s voice can be heard in the background.

The businesswoman shares a photo on a farm in Cáceres, where Bertín was also there. Faced with the avalanche of rumors about a possible reconciliation, the model has entered the space by phone. Emma Garcia to clarify the situation. “The memory came back to me. It’s since it was from a year ago on the same date,” she clarified.

The response from the presenter’s ex was not enough for the program’s commentators, who did not understand the reason for the publication. For her part, Gabriela, to avoid confusion, has deleted the post.

Bertin’s new life

The artist, who resides in Seville, is about to open a new house in Madrid, the city where he lives Fabiola Martinez with their two children together, Female y Carlos. In the program Sonsoles Onega They announced this Friday that he will continue living in Seville, but that he will have a new home in the capital, either to be with his children when he spends days in Madrid or for professional commitments. This house will be adapted to her son Kike, who suffers from cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.

The singer, on the other hand, canceled this Thursday his attendance at a solidarity gala in Barcelona due to the health of his father, who was admitted to the hospital at the age of 95 after an imbalance in his medication. Enrique Ortiz López-ValdemoroFortunately, he is now at home recovering.

Regarding his paternity news with Gabriela Guillén, he stated: “He doesn’t want to know anything about her, at least until the child is born.” On the other hand, the artist reiterated through Paloma García-Pelayo that he is going to ask for a paternity test as soon as the child is born: “Bertín believes that he owes it to his family. He will take care of the child’s support if it is his, But nothing more”.