Gabriel plans on the Moncloa

Thursday was not a good day for the progressive coalition government, which has completed three weeks of duplicate management between its two well-differentiated factions. There was the unfortunate rectification on the table of governments to resolve the “political conflict” of Catalonia, and on the Andalusian roads continued the manifestations of the landowners of the right Carca, according to the definition that has given the workers of the agricultural sector the UGT class union leader.

The seriousness of the first issue covered the second: in just a few hours contradictory decisions had been announced about a compromise that compromises the unity of the country and the fulfillment of the Constitution, and there are no pissed off landowners to distract him.

In the agreement signed with Esquerra Republicana, Sánchez promised that the bilateral negotiation on the sovereignty of the Spanish people would take place two weeks after the government was constituted. Few believed that commitment, because we already know the degree of confidence in this country over the word of the chief executive. Some were even assaulted by the confidence that Republican leaders were also deceived, as they have usually done with public opinion and their own electorate. It is already paradoxical that you have to rely on the ability to deceive the second authority of your country, but in this case that feature of his political personality is a true tool fallen from heaven to safeguard the laws and guarantee the same rights for all citizens , reside where they reside within our borders.

In the morning the table was suspended until the citizens spoke at the polls in Catalonia. A statement made with the clumsiness of the limited experience in government leaders, which is not sweetened by the accumulation of power in the palatial plumbing of the presidency, tried to instruct the disabled Catalan president but did so by shaking the parliamentary partner, who had really promised negotiation on self-determination. In the afternoon, seven hours later, the presidential team rectified after the threatening visit of ERC deputy Gabriel Rufián to Sánchez, in which he has taken the first of the many invoices that he will have to complete in the coming months.

What happened on that disastrous day for the government has remembered, at least in the title, an old classic Hollywood movie directed by the alcoholic director Gregory La Cava, a master in the provocation and dissection of American society over the years before and after the Great Depression. Gabriel Over The Whitehouse it would be something like Gabriel on the White House, the residence of the homologous president to our Moncloa Palace. The difference is that in the film the president suddenly changes his self-destructive attitude and is contrary to citizenship when the archangel Gabriel visits him in the hospital, and from then on he will always act before the interests of the people.

Our Gabriel is neither an archangel nor will he force the president to do good, but he will try the opposite. But with his visit he has planned on the offices of power warning of the consequences of his political blackmail not being satisfied: as he said last Christmas, without a table there is no legislature.

The bad thing about the bilateral table that the president has accepted to be invested is not that it is held before or after a Catalan election for which there is not even a date. The unfortunate thing is that it has accepted the celebration of a kind of summit between two governments that are presented as if they were from two different countries, just because the independence partner demands it.