Gabi, former Atlético captain, very close to training Getafe B

Gabi Fernández is very close to starting her career on the bench. The 38-year-old former captain outlines the latest details of his preparation as a coach and, according to the Chain BE, Getafe B awaits him to be their coach next season in the Third RFEF. Ángel Torres, president of the azulón club, wants to give him the alternative, as he already gave it to him as a player in 2004.

Athletic Shield/Flag

The former rojiblanco soccer player has been doing the practices of the coaching course at Atlético. He started the season in the Juvenil, along with Fernando Torres, and a couple of months later he made the jump to the subsidiary, with Tevenet. The League is over for B, which has achieved promotion to the Second RFEF, and Gabi is visiting the training sessions of other teams —you need three— to complete your preparation.

The Legend of Atleti feels ready to step forward. And he does not want to pay for the hazing, so he wants to know from Ángel Torres himself that there is going to be a solid project to fight for promotion and, on the other hand, intends to create a technical body of trust and level. He is not going to be a Getafe B coach to try, but he is going to demand himself to measure up.

Shield/Flag Getafe

Gabi left a pleasant memory as a Getafe footballer. In the first year of the azulones in the First Division (2004-05), Atleti loaned one of their most promising youth squads, who delivered (played 32 League games) and returned to the rojiblanco first team. The midfielder grew up in the Coliseum and now Getafe can be the shuttle againin this case as a coach.