Fuss in Bayern for the trip to Ibiza

The trip to Ibiza of a large part of the Bayern Munich squad to celebrate their tenth consecutive salad bowl continues to be talked about in Germany. As revealed by the Munich newspaper TZ, Both the coach Julian Nagelsmann and his coaching staff did not feel too good either that their players went to the Balearic island to party a day after offering a very poor image in the 3-1 defeat against modest Mainz. Especially considering that he was not informed until two days before the trip.

always according to TZ, Nagelsmann believes that the footballers should have been aware of the situation and he would be a little upset with his team for not canceling the trip. The position of the coach is not only due to the defeat in Mainz and a season in which Bayern was eliminated in both the Pokal and the Championsbut also to the situation in a Bundesliga in which he accuses Bayern to adulterate the competition.

Bayern crest/bandera

It happened last weekend after the defeat of the champion against Mainz. Taking into account that Bayern faces Stuttgart next Sunday in full struggle for permanence, Felix Magathcoach of Hertha and rival of Stuttgart for not descending, he said before the cameras of Sky: “Bayern are already champions and I don’t know if that means they have stopped playing football. It’s not pretty.. The season lasts until the last day for all the teams and I don’t know why a team can arrive and say: ‘we finished three days early’. That doesn’t help either the Bundesliga or the competition.”

about the trip to IbizaMagath added: “I would not allow something like that. It would not occur to me. Let’s see what happens now. It is understandable that a title is celebrated, but not for three weeks”. When asked about the words of Magath, Nagelsmann he said: “That’s very clever of you. If you want me to call and tell you how the match went, but I don’t have an opinion on Hertha’s matches either.”