From Tomás, more inside than outside Espanyol

Until October 5, the day on which the transfer market closes, many things can happen, but two and a half weeks from that file Raul De Tomás continues being a player of Spanish, and is closer to being part of the workforce of Vicente Moreno to fight for promotion than to walk away from Cornellà-El Prat to dress other colors. From the club they have it clear. At this time a replacement is not being sought for RDT because you have full confidence that the player will stay.

His high record, which is understood to be above 5 million euros gross, presaged that From Thomas would come out of Spanish after relegation to Second Division and what this means in terms of salary limit restrictions, but it is not a ‘sine qua non’ condition. In fact, the footballer is registered and played the first day of LaLiga Smartbank before him Albacete being a participant (although not marked) in the 3-0 victory, and everything indicates that he will also be among those chosen by Vicente Moreno to face the Majorca the next Sunday.

The particularity of the current transfer market favors that it continues in Cornellà-El Prat

From Thomas It has sounded like future-proof from various teams in recent months, but never strong enough to assert that its departure was close. The last candidate to take over his services was the Atlético de Madrid, supposedly thinking of him as a replacement for Morata or Diego Costa if one of these came out, but at the moment they haven't.

In these, From Thomas has a contract with him Spanish until June 2026, with a termination clause that reaches 60 million euros, and after becoming the most expensive transfer in the history of the entity last winter when 20 million euros were paid for it, it is one of the cornerstones of this project. The descent to Second is of course a setback, but although at times it was taken for granted that RDT It would come out yes or yes this summer, the advance of a transfer market less moved than usual means that at the moment it is more inside than outside. Although you have to wait until October 5.