From the WhatsApp group of Bourbon cousins ​​to the meeting organized by Victoria Federica (with Leonor and Sofía included)

Much has been said about the relationship that Victoria Federica keeps with his uncle Philip VIcon Mrs. Letizia and with her cousins, the heir to the throne and the Infanta Sofia. It must be remembered that on October 31 he did not attend the private party organized by his family, with the king Juan Carlos y Froilán present, to celebrate the 18th birthday of the Princess Eleanor.

Then, the daughter of Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar was in Peru on a trip with influencer friends and bullfighters. What she likes the most. She did not cancel it, although to publicly show her support for Leonor she shared a post on her social networks. In this sense, her environment assures that her relationship with her cousins ​​is wonderful. “She is a wonderful girl, fun, loving, who doesn't hurt anyone and very familiar. The press gives a somewhat distorted image of her,” insists a person close to her to Ok Diary.

In this way, he maintains: “The relationship with his cousins, and more so with Leonor and Sofía, due to age and very different lives, has varied over the years, but although they have been further apart for a time “It doesn't make them strangers. In fact, they get along very well.” So much so that they even dare to claim that “Victoria is even Letizia's closest niece and therefore, her cousins ​​as well.”

After Vic's birthday, they say, Vic was left with the thorn of not being there on this special day, so he told his mother and grandmother about the great idea of ​​doing something with all the Bourbon cousins ​​for Christmas. The emeritus Mrs. Sofía liked the idea so much that she said she would organize it herself, because we must remember that she was already looking forward to meeting all her grandchildren in the summer and, at least, with this idea from Vic, she saw the opportunity perfect for all the cousins ​​to share confidences, time and space. However, Froilán's sister wants something more informal, something outside of Zarzuela. A snack or dinner in a place where security and discretion are assured or perhaps at a family member's house to avoid unnecessary 'risks'. All the details are about to be closed, but Vic is not lacking in desire. Leonor, who will return from Zaragoza for Christmas, and Sofía, who will do the same from Wales, are going to have a great time. Vic also has the four children of Iñaki Urdangarin and Infanta Cristina, Juan, Pablo, Valentin e Irene.

The cousins ​​also remain very close, especially since October 31 when they celebrated Leonor's 18th at the El Pardo Palace. “It was a magical night. Everyone talked to everyone, everyone danced. The atmosphere was relaxed, of celebration. What has become clear is that despite everything, everything, there are things that cannot be erased. The cousins ​​lived together a lot in childhood. Then came everything else – the NOOS case, the Don Juan Carlos scandals, etc. – but they have spent a lot of time together and that is not forgotten. The cousins ​​love and support each other a lot.”