From the emotion of Charles III at the commemoration of ‘D-Day’ to William’s admiration for the Normandy veterans

80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings. To celebrate this historic date, Carlos III, 75, has undertaken his first international trip after his cancer diagnosis. The King, in the Army’s dress uniform, attended the British Normandy Memorial that was held in Ver-sur-Mer, France this Thursday, June 6. He has been accompanied by Queen Camilla, who has chosen a very white look, the color of peace.

At the beginning of the events we have seen the emotion of the British monarch, who has taken his seat next to the veterans who participated in the Allied military operation known as D-Day and which marked the beginning of the defeat of Nazi Germany in the Second World War. World War (1939-1945).

Carlos and Camilla, on the 80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings, known as D-Day

Both the king and his son, Prince William, have participated in the celebration of Portmouth, the port city and naval base on the south coast of England from where the allies departed on June 6, 1944. The events have paid tribute to the veterans of that battle, some of whom have recounted their testimony. “The stories of courage, resistance and solidarity that we have heard today and throughout our lives cannot fail to move us, inspire us and remind us of what we owe to that great generation”, stated Carlos III, who has stressed the importance of not forgetting the “sacrifice” of those combatants. The monarch has assured that the United Kingdom will be “eternally” indebted to those who served during the Second World War, and especially on the aforementioned ‘D-Day’, to whom he has conveyed his “deep admiration and respect”, according to the press. British. Prince William said he felt “very honored” to be part of the commemoration and stressed that the United Kingdom “will always remember those who served.” In the run-up to the France Memorial, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also took the floor to read a speech by Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, who was in charge of ground operations in French territory after the Landings.

Emmanuel Macron also attended the tribute. The French president plans to visit the American cemetery in Colleville sur Mer with his counterpart Joe Biden. Afterwards, both leaders will go to Omaha Beach, the beach where the Allied landing began and where the great offensive against Nazi Germany was fought. 25 heads of State and Government will also be there, such as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. There will be a big absentee, the Russian Vladimir Putin, who has not been invited due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Normandy was the largest maritime invasion in history, and the subsequent battle in northwestern France laid the foundation for the Allied victory in World War II. A large part of the troops from the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada left from the aforementioned port of Portmouth heading to the French coast.