From 'manolitos' to brick and cosmetics: Álvaro Morata's million-dollar businesses

The Atlético forward has become news in the last 24 hours for an alleged business move within Manolo Bakes, the most famous and lucrative croissant franchise in Spain, of which the footballer has been a part since 2017. After it was published that Álvaro Morata had acquired the brand in its entirety and also that it had sold all its shares to exit the business, the company has issued a statement to deny everything. “He is one of the shareholders of the company De Boca en Boca SL, owner of the Manolo Bakes brand (…) Among these partners, among others, are Pablo Nuño and Ángel Terres.”

One of Álvaro Morata's most lucrative businesses outside of the football fields but not the only one. The husband of Alice Campello He has invested his earnings very well in the sports field and at 31 years old he has his fortune diversified between hospitality, textiles, cosmetics and construction. An empire that he has built thanks to the help of his father, Alfonso Morataformer commercial director of Cadena SER and COPE.

Masqmai y Akala Studio

It was Alice Campello who introduced Morata to the world of fashion and beauty. Married since 2017, they form a perfect tandem that already has four children (Alessandro, Leonardo, Edoardo y Bella) and two joint ventures. The first of them was Masqmai, a premium natural cosmetics brand founded by the Italian model in January 2017 and soon joined by her husband. After achieving their objectives, they signed a distribution agreement through the giant Sephora: “Álvaro has been a key player and has accompanied me in all the product creation processes. In fact, to create the men's line his criteria have been fundamental “he said in an interview.

After the success of Masqmai, Morata and Campello created their own clothing line under the name Think Studio, a casual clothing brand so that all family members (mothers, fathers and children) could go together. The brand is already consolidated and the women's line has experienced great growth in recent months thanks to the personalized designs of the Italian model.

Tamora Housing Investments

Like many other footballers, Morata also has investments in the real estate business. For this he founded, in 2019, Tamora Housing Investments, whose objective is the exploitation of real estate activities. The company is controlled through Summer 2011another of Morata's companies, whose representative is his father, Alfonso Morata.

With a share capital of 3.4 million euros and registered office in the Madrid neighborhood of Montecarmelo, its catalog includes a store on María de Molina street worth 2.87 million euros and a home in Pozuelo de Alarcón ( Madrid), in La Finca, for more than 1.64 million euros. The footballer made a million-dollar business after putting up for sale, in 2019, the villa that he owned in Mirasierra and in which they were robbed. After the scare, the family decided to move to La Finca for greater security.

Aside from his investments in large businesses, Morata also appears as self-employed businessman in Sevillewhere he heads a business dedicated to “rental of machinery and capital goods.”