From love to betrayal there is only one step: who is Ángel Cristo Jr, Barbara Rey’s first-born son who aired his dirty laundry on television

Barbara Rey is going through its most complicated week in a long time. For days the last and unexpected movement of his son has been known, Angel Christ Jr: freely attacking his mother in an incendiary interview where he pointed out her as the main culprit of breaking up his family. The interview was broadcast this Friday, the same day that the death of Salvador, the actress’s brother, was announced. After years in the shadows, the firstborn of Totana and Angel Christ grabs all the headlines.

Away from the spotlight and living a – until now – quiet life, the one who had always been Bárbara Rey’s discreet son was very critical of her in Friday!, something that has been striking for those who know the story of the ex-vedette and her husband, Ángel Cristo, whom she accused of mistreatment. Their two children They have always been very close to their mother, but now things have changed. It is said that Ángel Cristo Jr’s betrayal of his mother is due to the fact that he is short of money and must pay his son’s pension, and this has led many to wonder who, in reality, the interpreter’s eldest son is.

Hell outside and inside the house

Born on March 10, 1981, Ángel Cristo Jr was one of those children condemned to fame. He couldn’t choose him: he came into the world as the son of what, at that time, was the most famous woman in our country. The consequences of his success were going to hit him from somewhere, and the truth is that he never had it easy. In fact, his birth was already complicated: as he himself said, was born with a hiatal hernia and his parents, who were unaware of this pathology, calmed him down by putting an orphidal in his bottle.

A few years later, he faced rejection at school. Ángel went to a private school where He suffered bullying for his shyness and, above all, for being the star’s son.. A very complicated situation for a child like him, who lived a true hell at home due to the derailed life of his parents and the violence that the trainer exercised against Totana’s.

Any territory for his firstborn was hostile. And he couldn’t even find refuge in his sister, Sofía Cristo, whom his own father introduced to the world of drugs when he was only 13 years old. “She didn’t know anything,” he said of her.

In search of a common life

When he managed to leave the Moraleja chalet, Ángel Cristo Jr decided to go to university, but he did not do so in our country, but rather in Boston (United States). There he studied concert production and management, and, once graduated, He stayed for a few years to live in the capital of Massachusetts.

After this change of life, Angel clung to his privacy. He found hobbies to entertain himself, such as music – he knows how to play the electric guitar – and water sports, and he had several pets. Among them, a dog and several cats.

In love, separated and ruined

Of course, He also had time to fall in love. She is currently in a relationship, as she has shown on her social networks. “I know I’m in love and you scold me when I don’t want to go to sleep and stay awake next to you, because reality is better than dreams,” he wrote about his girlfriend on Instagram last July, a text that his mother, who He didn’t expect the hard blow he would receive this week, he celebrated with a loving comment.

Before this romance, he had a daughter – the little one is now five years old – with his ex-wife, and now he must pay the child’s support. This is what, according to various reports, has motivated Ángel to attack his mother. Be that as it may, Bárbara Rey is devastated, and the name of her son will cause long conversation. No more living on the other side of the spotlight. Peace is over.