Film directors, actors, actresses and figures from the world of television are remembering this Saturday the actress Concha Velasco, who died early in the morning at the age of 84 at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Majadahonda (Madrid), through numerous messages of condolences. on social networks and in different media.

The actor and filmmaker, Santiago Segura, in a publication on the social network

The president of the Film Academy, Fernando Méndez-Leite, stated in an interview on the RTVE channel '24 Horas' that Velasco “would have liked to be remembered as a magnificent female actress and a great person.”

Likewise, he has referred to the presence and personality of the actress: “Concha was magnetizing, Concha attracted the public with her mere presence. She had that energy, that strength, that authority, both in her private life and in the cinema or in the theater,” he said.


The actor and friend of Concha Velasco, Andrés Pajares, has also remembered the actress on the '24 Hours' channel as “a fun, outgoing woman, with a special vitality, and very affectionate and endearing.”

Pajares has said that although he was only able to work with her once, she was a friend from “many years” and has stated that she was “the most complete artist in this country.”

Asked if it was sufficiently recognized, Pajares answered yes and that now “all of Spain is going to prove it.”

From La Rioja, actress Anabel Alonso has said she has never seen an “actress so complete” and “who liked her profession so much”, so for her “it is a huge loss.”

The comedian and presenter Andreu Buenafuente has republished on his light that we have known. She will always be in my life. A hug to the family and now to honor her memory.”

José Sacristán, excited

“Her goodbye hurts me, it hurts me a lot, and it relieves me. Having met her is one of the great gifts that life has given me,” says José Sacristán after learning of the death of his partner and friend. “It hurt me to see her in recent months, so small, so fragile… with what she had been. Without a trace of the strength of her entire life. What always impressed me most about Concha was her strength and her courage. It will happen Whatever happened in her life, as soon as she got on stage she transformed and became herself again.

We worked together for the first time on Sáenz de Heredia's film Almost public relations, where Manolo Escobar, Rafaela Aparicio and Manuel Alexandre appeared. She boasted that she had met me long before, but she doesn't care. I want to think that I was always with her. From that moment on, I worked with her on countless films.

“Dozens of films together: La colmena, directed by Mario Camus; The long vacation of '36, by Jaime Camino; The art of getting married, by Jorge Feliu… We have done everything, and I am very satisfied with where I come from, because I always I have very much in mind the child I was.

Everything was nothing more than a long preamble for I'll get off next time, what about you? They were two intense and perfect years not only of work, but of life.

We ended up making Marsillach's text our own in such a radical way that, without prejudice to the author, I would dare to say that it was already ours. Hers and mine. Of the two. Then we made the movie.

I think of her and I think of a whole generation of actors who were much more than simple performers. She has ended up being part of the family of all Spaniards. Somehow, that relieves and comforts me. Because that, I imagine, is the usefulness of our profession. Serve for something, serve for someone.

Why an actress like her has crossed generations. She has managed to be part of all the lives of all Spaniards. I am pleased to know that her work was useful and that she exemplifies like no other the usefulness of her work as an actress who becomes family to everyone. Her goodbye hurts me, it hurts me a lot, and she relieves me. Having met her is one of the great gifts that life has given me,” she concludes.