From Jorgephobia to Jorgemania: Mediaset restores its star after her year of public divorce

Jorge Javier Vazquez He ends the season sweetly, which he started by choking on the poisoned candy that Mediaset España gave him after the cancellation of Save me and the Deluxe: the disastrous Chinese stories.

This assignment was the epilogue of the relationship between Telecinco and the two favorite producers of Paolo Vasilethe tandem composed of Oscar Cornejo y Adrian Madridwho took their suitcases while their star presenter remained in Fuencarral linked to the contract that binds him to the television group until 2025.

Until now, Cariacontecido was waiting for the ‘Jorgeja’ projects, which in the fall had been left out of VIP Big Brother and he closed the year ironically about his desire to sign for ‘Pedro Sánchez’s RTVE’.

From bitterness to humor

This week the presenter starred in a nice video on social networks with his dog. “Oh, Moon. I’m afraid of waking up tomorrow and having another program on Mediaset drop on me. Come on! Tomorrow God will say“he says to his pet.

With this sketch, Jorge Javier Vázquez refers to the collection of assignments that are coming his way after several months in which Survivors It seemed like it was going to be his only annual assignment. The extraordinary result of the reality show has contributed to it having a sequel that will be released immediately, Survivors All Stars.

The one from Badalona has celebrated the first anniversary of the announcement of Sálvame’s death with more projects. The most notable, according to The Pluralit will be a version of Patricia’s diary, that the showman will host this summer, expectedly between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Jorge Javier, who turns 54 at the end of July, will be without vacations, will be the opening act for Ana Rosa Quintana’s team and will face the first hour of It’s not like we were Shhhwhich from this coming Monday will try to steal the share from Onega sleeps y AR from the Ten signal.

The original GH returns

After enjoying spring with Survivorsand try the testimonials in summer, autumn will come and the anonymous edition of Big Brother after 7 years in the dry dock. And it will do so with Jorge Javier Vázquez also as presenter, since the network has decided to return to the essence and not repeat with Marta Flich.

If the testimonial format works, Jorge Javier Vázquez could be the busiest presenter in the Spanish audiovisual industry, since Something Happens TV points out that Mediaset Spain is studying to recover There is one thing I want to tell you… also with the king of the Sálvame farmhouse in front.

From forced break to reactivation

Jorge Javier Vázquez has accelerated from zero to one hundred 1 year after being forced to stop after a power surge that forced him to leave the profession and not say goodbye to his dearest Sálvame.

The cancellation of the magazine and information about his possible dismissal at Mediaset España forced him to stop. “Sometimes you have to stop. The body and mind send you signals and throughout my life I have paid little attention to them. Until today. I need to stop to take care of myself. To ask myself what I want. Yes I am clear. If since I don’t know, I better hope“, he assured in June of last year.

The big data of Survivors and his presence in Friday! They suggested an improvement in the relationship between Jorge Javier and Mediaset España, which 1 year ago seemed to show plans that changed with the result of the last general elections (as has happened in many large companies).

The bet on Francisco Moreno as head of News after carrying out the same work at Televisión Canaria controlled by the PSOE, the signing of Carlos Fraganillothe recovery of Noticias Cuatro with the editorial line of yesteryear and the commitment to Xavier Sardà in TardeAR They can also be limited to the ideological shift imposed by Alessandro SalemCEO of Mediaset España.

Autumn is presumed peaceful

The program’s audiences are, being benevolent, manifestly subject to improvement. Personally, they are not meeting my expectations either. I expected better numbers. It is important to accept the situation. Do not try to decorate it or cling to strange excuses“, Jorge Javier pointed out about Chinese stories after the first disappointing results.

After the cancellation, he lamented: “I came to the neighborhood ready to stay for a long time, but the rents are through the roof! It has not been. From here my most sincere congratulations to Pablo Motos, Carlos Sobera, Wyoming and, of course, to the entire cast of 4 Estrellas because they remain on the fringe thanks to what we all look for when starting a program: success“.

It’s time to pack your bags and, as Manuela Carmena told us yesterday: Keep trusting in life. Always. Thank you and sorry for not having been able to find the key to your complicity. That’s the shame I have left.”he added.

Now Jorge Javier is another: the cancellation of Save me is far away, his future signing for It’s not like we were Shhh He would not see it as an unappetizing dish and in his last year of contract with Mediaset he has received several assignments that placed him in the first television division after suffering an annus horribilis that left him KO despite the fact that in his books and articles, so many times, He had said that he was ready to leave television