From Ana Rosa to Pedroche: which presenters invest their fabulous earnings well, regularly or poorly?

There are television stars who not only earn a lot of money but also know how to manage it and even invest it by creating production companies and accumulating fabulous assets. But not all highly paid presenters know how to manage their capital correctly. Representative examples are the millionaire gastronomic investments of Cristina Pedroche or the failed movies Arturo Valls. But they are not alone in the group of loutish businessmen.

He died with financial problems Jesus Quintero and he did it without patrimonial splendor Maria Teresa Campos, which had been one of the highest paid in the history of television. Fortunes earned on television can be squandered in the blink of an eye.

You know it well Pablo Motos, now a multimillionaire, but who admits that he went bankrupt twice. Other television stations with serious problems are Victor Sandoval (who asked his friends for food), Aitor Trigos (supposedly recycled into escort boy), Bibiana Fernandez (whose house in Boadilla, which had five mortgages, was rescued by Alaska and Mario, in that order) Chelo García-Cortés (who used friends to pay the Treasury) or ‘Chapis’the legendary and successful presenter of the legendary What do you sayalongside Belinda Washington.

It is no stranger to economic problems Dear Mercedes: His company Taramparo SL added more than half a million euros in losses between 2016 and 2018. Jose Luis Moreno He has hard-earned the title of ‘professor’ in ‘tax and banking engineering’, as can be seen from the investigation carried out at the National Court. Carlos Lozano He had to sell his big house to solve his financial problems.

Andres Pajares increased his fortune and fame with The Bingueros but he achieved the Goya and the recognition of the profession and awards with Oh, Carmela! That same path you want to travel Jose Motawho has been trying to succeed on the big screen for years like his friend Santiago Segura, but luck eludes him. Things are worse for his former partner in Cruz y Raya, Juan Muñoz, who last year denied suffering any kind of problems. “I’m not broke, I don’t have addictions, I don’t abuse alcohol, I don’t use drugs,” he said.

The failed comedies of Arturo Valls

Also looking to jump into cinema is Arturo Valls, who earns a fortune on television but has lost hundreds of thousands of euros in several films he has produced and starred in. Of course, that’s not why he seems to be failing as a producer and actor on the big screen. The ex of CQC, Coffee Camera o Now I fall! crashed with his production company Pólvora Films with Those in the tunnel (2017); with the cinematographic testament of José Luis Cuerda, Time after (2018) and with the insufferable Brown Camera: the movie (2022), which was chanante Ernesto Sevilla’s failed debut as director.

Something burns in Pedroche’s kitchen

If Arturo Valls spends a fortune trying to succeed as a film protagonist, Cristina Pedroche She does the same with her husband’s businesses, Dabiz Muñoz, whose company Pig Wings has a debt of three million euros. The star chef, with a better eye for talking and, above all, for feeding than for business, had to close one that he opened in London because he was on the verge of bankrupting it. “We had to ask for a loan to stay open for four months,” he acknowledged. The president of Santander herself came to the rescue of the talented chef.

Pedroche triumphs once a year by appearing in his erotic-festive dress at the grapes on December 31 to broadcast the chimes, but he is shipwrecking with Password, just as he did previously with Peking Express, You sure do, Inside…, Top 50 o Love Island Spain. She, who was Luján Argüelles’ second dish, believed that this time she was going to be able to succeed on television without going half-naked in Puerta del Sol. “It bothers me that people criticize without seeing it, without giving me a chance, that it seems like no one is happy or even wishing me bad luck,” he said before releasing Passwordthe main autumn failure of Antena 3, the Achilles heel of the leading network.

Andrew Buenafuente He is now breathing after three decades on television after having sold his production company four years ago. Terrat passed into the hands of the giant Mediapro for 11 million euros plus eight in debt. The showman was forced to sell his company, which in 2006 went awry when he invested 12 million euros in the birth of La Sexta, a ruin for everyone (it accumulated losses of 500 million euros) except for Jaume Roures, who has now He has also been ‘fired’ by his Chinese partners, majority shareholders of the production company.

At least Buenafuente settled his debts and maintains several properties, such as a villa located on a plot of more than 400 square meters in Cabrera del Mar (Barcelona) and a house in Formentera that has one hectare of land.

Arguiñano, financial wizard on television

Not all television shows are synonymous with ruin: Ana Rosa Quintana She denies that she earns the three or four million a year that Wikipedia allocates her and qualifies the difference between what she earns and what her production company invoices. But to show you a button: he pocketed 760,000 euros in 2022 just from the dividends distributed by Unicorn Content.

Jorge Javier Vazquez He had difficult times more than ten years ago with the Treasury but he learned from the scare and organized his money and his assets. His books have not made him rich and the theater has rather detracted from him. But the presenter, now in the doldrums and without a program, collected more than a million and a half euros last year through his company Jorge Javier SL (with which he bills Mediaset).

But it is Carlos Arguiñano the best television master of the kitchen and he is not bad with finances either. The Beasain family holding company, Bainet Taldea, in which his wife, María Luisa Amestoy Alfaro, appears as an agent, obtained profits of 3,755,000 euros in 2021 after having invoiced 6.7 million. The television leg of the emporium, Bainet Comunicación, in 2021, according to the latest public data, had a turnover of 10.7 million euros (2.2 more than in 2020) and obtained profits of 790,000 euros. And the sports company, Baiko Kirola, had a turnover of 2.4 million in 2020 and obtained profits of 147,000 euros. The chef has real estate investments, has a hotel-restaurant in Zarautz, a cooking school, vineyards, wineries or a book publishing company.