Froilán inherits his grandfather's friendliness and rocks everything: from his birthday in Abu Dhabi to his last hookup

The son of the Infanta Elena He has been living in Abu Dhabi for two years now, where he has found the tranquility and stability that he was greatly in need of. However, Froilán He misses his homeland and his friends very much, so he returns to Madrid whenever his schedule allows. The last visit lasted four days and was the most eventful: a doctor's appointment and a night of partying in good company about which the grandson of the emeritus spoke with a laugh.

“Kiss someone now too? Well, well, well!”, he said when asked about the rumors about a new romantic relationship. Froilán showed his nicest face in front of the cameras Europa Press at the airport, when he returned to the Arab Emirates, and joked about this latest information: “Wow, that's great! My goodness, every time I see you I have a new one, eh?”.

At 25 years old, the brother of Victoria Federica He has left behind the rebellious character with which he devoted combs to the press and now shows kindness and a lot of sympathy. Even if he wants to, he has no problem answering questions about his family: “I am very calm and very happy with my grandfather”, he stated. A grandfather with whom he enjoyed a tremendous birthday party last January: “We had a great time. He was happy, which was the important thing about everything.” Of course, about the emeritus' plans to return to Spain he doesn't even say: “I don't know, I don't know anything about that.”

Finally, he stated that his mother, Mrs. Elena, is improving from her foot injury after getting off a horse: “She is fine, very well.”