Froilán and Mar Torres resume their relationship after three years apart

New opportunity for Froilan (25) y Mar Torres (24). Although 2023 stands out due to the countless breakups between celebrities, the infanta’s son Elena and the granddaughter of Tomas Fuertes Fernández’s businessman could have resumed their relationship after three years apart. As confirmed this Sunday by the space of Emma Garcia.

The two met in 2014, when the young woman entered the Sigüenza boarding school (Guadalajara), where Froilán was studying. Since then, she is now an influencer and brother of Victoria Federica They forged a beautiful friendship. It was not until 2016, when they began their courtship.

However, fate intervened between their lives in that gloomy 2020, before confinement reached Spain. Froilán began a business internship in London at the beginning of 2020, but it was suspended due to the pandemic and he returned to Spain. Shortly after, the real estate developer’s daughter Juan Torres- Fontes Suárez He settled back in Murcia, his family’s land.

The nephew of Philip VI and the heiress of the El Pozo sausage company already resumed their relationship in 2021. At that time, as the magazine revealed Weekboth were seen in a well-known restaurant in Madrid after giving themselves that second chance.