Frederick of Denmark reappears dressed incognito on a hunt while his wife considers divorce

Absolute normality. It seems like the orders of the Danish Royal House to all its members in the midst of a scandal over the photos of the crown prince with Genoveva Casanova in Madrid. Federico continues with his agenda as if he were not in the eye of the hurricane due to his extramarital activities and he demonstrated it this Thursday on the island of Zealand.

The staging of Federico It has been, to say the least, ironic, since we have seen him dressed incognito in the official hunt of the Danish Royal House, called the King’s Hunt. Taking into account that she met her friend Genoveva at one of them, she finds it funny. He, of course, has seemed relaxed in the Gribskov forests, where for the first time in 15 years he has banned himself from the press (orders of the Queen Margaret).

A divorce in the air

And while Federico plays with the rifles, he has the coup de grâce Mary Donaldson. Danish media claim, citing people very close to the princess, that she feels completely humiliated after what happened and is considering asking for a divorce. It is true that her marriage was not going through a good moment, in fact they had been living apart for months, but the scandal caused by the last indiscretion (not the first) of her still husband has put her in such a complicated position that she is not willing to just let it go.

It’s not an easy decision, obviously. Among other things, he must think about the future of her four children (Christian, Isabella, Vincent y Josephine) and the position in which it would leave them, taking into account that their mother-in-law, Queen Margaret, has already withdrawn the titles from Prince Joachim’s children.