Frederick of Denmark, new king and new book: the monarch lands on the Throne with his particular 'manual of resistance'

New year, new king and new book in Denmark. The Royal Family announces this Wednesday, January 17, the launch of Kongeord, by Frederick X himself. A compilation of “thoughts and reflections on the work of the king”, detailed from the palace on official networks. Margaret II's son summarizes his speech like this: “Bound and committed by the Kingdom of Denmark.” And a message that seems like a declaration of intent: “For once now I am the person I am,” shares the sovereign in this text that is signed by Jens Andersen.

He arrived at the Throne on Sunday the 14th and presided over his first official act this Monday the 15th. In these days, we have seen Denmark applauding, a standing ovation in the street and a sea of ​​flags saying goodbye to the long-lived sovereign, Margaret, 83 years old. We have seen Federico's kiss to Mary, about to celebrate 20 years of marriage. A highly commented kiss because of that cobra feint and everything it can mean. Also, there have been tears from the monarch overwhelmed by emotions. And now we see the book. Among the reflections published by the Danish Royal House, we read: “In many Western societies the most important question is 'What can you do for me?' It's rarely the other way around: 'What can I do for you?' a quote inspired by Kennedy's famous message. Another thought with a religious overtone is: “We, as people, feel connected to each other through our Christian faith.”

The Danish press has echoed the launch. “Honest king,” he says BT. An heir who “has spent his life waiting for a destiny that has come true,” he publishes.

The networks applaud this book: “These are words prepared for the future”; a text “prepared well in advance so that nothing is a surprise.” Also pay attention to direct criticism: “Connected… A king of unity… Remember that you are king for everyone, even those who are not Christians,” argues another user, alluding to the mentions of the Christian faith in some of the monarch's phrases. .

This text, the preparation of which requires months of work, corroborates the argument that the abdication of Margaret II has been in preparation for a long time. The launch of the book occurred four days after her proclamation and a few weeks after the announcement of the monarch's departure, on December 31.