“Frederick of Denmark is in love with Genoveva Casanova”: the monarch's circle speaks

The coronation of Frederick X It has not calmed the waters. The 'cobra' of Mary Donaldson on the palace balcony and her tears a day later, in her first speech in Parliament, have shown that the marital situation continues to be complicated. And it is that the Queen Margaret He has masterfully directed the show to guarantee the continuity and stability of the crown, but the truth is that the marriage between Federico and Mary is completely broken and the reason has a name and surname: “He was and is in love with Genoveva Casanova.”

According to the new monarch's close circle, his romance with the Mexican has not been an adventure or an affair like so many others over the years. That's the problem. The new Queen Mary forgave her husband's dalliances because she considered them inconsequential, but Genevieve, for the first time, represented a threat to the marriage, the family and also to the institution, something that Queen Margaret could not tolerate. “Federico's circle assures that he was and is in love with Genoveva. It was not a friendship or an affair. The information reached the Danish court a year ago, when they started, and given the possibility that he wanted to divorce and leave everything for her, they gave him the crown to stop him.“, they said this Tuesday in TardeAR.

Precisely for this reason the Danish media baptized Genoveva as “the Corinna of Denmark”not only because she was Federico's supposed lover, but because of what Federico himself felt for her and what he was willing to give up in exchange for her love (remember that Don Juan Carlos I even asked Corinna to marry him).

Despite all the complications, Frederick is now king of Denmark and Genevieve saw the coronation of her 'friend' and the royal kiss with Mary Donaldson from Mexico, where she flew after spending Christmas Eve in Madrid with her children and her ex-husband, according to Paloma Barrientos. The philosopher has been accompanied by her family and childhood friends for a few weeks recovering from the scare: “She was very overwhelmed,” said her friend Susanna Griso. They are already talking about a new hope and a reappearance before the media in a few weeks.