Frank Cuesta warns the Sancho family after Big Joke’s great lie: “You touch the eggs of the Thai police and they troll you”

The latest statements by number two of the Thai police have generated great confusion in Spain. Big Joke affirmed that Daniel Sancho was in the Surat Thani prison and not in Koh Samui, as was thought, a statement that was soon denied by Rodolfo Sancho’s son’s lawyer and his spokesperson in Spain. The question was unanimous: why is the person in charge of the investigation lying? the adventurer Frank Cuestawho has lived in the country for a decade, has responded loud and clear: “I said it in time, I warned you and you still don’t understand it. You play the balls of the Thai police and they troll you, they draw pictures on you as if you were stupid and all this will continue”.

The former tennis player, who criticized the “excessive media coverage” that was being given to the case of Daniel Sancho a few weeks ago, added: “You continue to question the ways of doing Thailand and you do not understand that all this will ultimately affect the family, the visits, etc…”. And he ends: “In the end, when they put him in final prison, the family will suffer the consequences and you will be on something else.”

Cuesta speaks from his own experience, since in addition to being a resident of Thailand for more than ten years, his ex-wife, Yuyee, was accused of drug possession and spent seven years in a women’s prison that almost cost him his life. The animalist moved heaven and earth to free her from her and cried out for her innocence in the media. In his favor, even footballers like Leo Messi intervened, who managed thanks to his contacts that Yuyee could hug her four children in a prison where physical contact with family members is strictly prohibited.