Frank Cuesta revolts against Carlota Corredera and justifies Rubiales’ kiss: “In your program you played ‘piquitos’ without permission”

the kiss of Luis Rubiales a Jenni Beautiful It continues to attract a multitude of reactions. This time, it’s been Frank Cuestaknown for his show Frank from the jungle, in charge of downplaying the behavior of the ousted president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. However, the adventurer charges Charlotte Sliding.

The presenter launches a message in favor of Luis Rubiales on his social networks. “That peak, which can take you to court, has no connotation of abuse,” he proclaims without half measures to his more than 800,000 followers.

Faced with the social outcry that supports the player, Frank continues with his speech. “Understand what a moment of euphoria is, a moment of camaraderie, a moment of madness, joy and happiness. And what a kiss like that means with a girl, who is in the most important moment of her sporting life. All that happiness , it becomes a fucking peak and that has screwed up all of Spanish football”, he settles through his YouTube channel.

On the other side of the coin is Charlotte Sliding. The journalist and presenter sends messages of support to Jenni Hermoso. “Rubiales, stop using the women in your family to whitewash your embarrassing actions, what a shame,” she wrote on Twitter after the latest events in the Granada town of Motril.

Carlota’s tweets do not go unnoticed by Frank, who takes advantage of his latest YouTube video to attack her. “Do you remember when in your program you played stolen kisses on television and you gave each other ‘pecks’ without permission? That is the hypocrisy of feminism,” Frank says on his networks.