Franco Vázquez: “Now the good is starting”

Franco Vázquez, like all the members of the Sevilla squad, is very excited about the appointment that Lopetegui's men have on the 24th in Budapest. The Argentine wants more titles and the rival's entity in the European Super Cup, Bayern Munich, is one more stimulus for a team that wants to continue making history. “Now the good starts,” says the Nervionian media.

“There is a very good group that, practically, we already come from last year. I hope we get off to a good start this season, which is very important and very beautiful and that we also started strong, with a European Super Cup. I hope we have a good game, that we can compete and we are working on that, preparing ourselves well to do our best, ”explained El Mudo to the club's official media.

Vázquez, who still does not know his future and who can go back to Italy, where several clubs want him, only thinks for the moment about winning the Super Cup with Sevilla. “It started my last year of contract and I hope I can finish in the best possible way. I always try to contribute where I have to be. It's what I was looking for when I left Italy, to win titles, and to be in a big team that fights important things. What more could you ask for, the city is also very beautiful, the group… I'm happy, now important things are coming ”, added the left-handed player, who enjoyed winning the Europa League in Germany.

“In previous years we lost several finals and we took a weight off our shoulders. I am very happy to have won this important title for the club and also for us. Now Bayern is coming, it's a very nice game to play. You have to be well in, it is a very important game against a complicated, difficult opponent. But we are confident in playing a good game “, stressed the midfielder, happy to return to the Champions League:” Sevilla deserved to play it again, it is where they have to be every year. You have to enjoy it. Parties will also come

important in the League, Cup… We will play every three days and we have to be up to the task ”.