Fran Rivera’s emotional message to his wife, Lourdes Montes, who mourns the death of her grandmother

Lourdes Montes You are facing one of the most difficult times in anyone’s life: losing a loved one. the woman from Frank Rivera He has announced through his social networks the death of his grandmother Pepa, one of his pillars.

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With some beautiful photographs of Pepa from her youth to the present, the businesswoman has said goodbye to her on Instagram: “How much we are going to miss your calm, your sweetness, your advice, your encouragement, your laugh… You said that we travel, that we learn, in short, that we enjoy life and get the good out of things”.

“You were the best confidant, the best adviser, the HOME of each and every one of us, you were there, without demanding anything, simply waiting for us… we always came… How lucky to enjoy you for so many years, as you said ‘no it’s that I love you more, it’s that I’ve loved you for longer than the rest’ And I loved hearing it, “he adds.

“How lucky that you met your great-grandchildren and lived with you such a beautiful and important stage of my life, I hope I am able to create a family as wonderful as the one you have left,” Lourdes concludes.

In the comments of the publication, she highlights her husband’s emotional message, her greatest support at the moment: “Today the world is worse, sadder, darker and an angel has arrived in heaven. They were waiting for her there, they are partying. We’re going to miss you”. Fran has also had to face difficult news this Friday: the stroke suffered by his brother Kikofrom whom he has been estranged for some time.