Fran Rivera wanted to renew her marriage vows in Israel: plan truncated after the outbreak of war

On the occasion of their tenth wedding anniversary, Frank Rivera y Lourdes Montes They intended to renew their marriage vows in Jerusalem. However, his plans after the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war have changed.

The parish priest Antonio Romero gave all the details this Thursday on TVE from Seville, revealing that they were going to make a trip with other couples: “Both Francisco and Lourdes know that the trip will not be possible. Fran and Lourdes and those who were coming “They were going to say that ‘yes, I want’ so beautiful and special.”

For devotees like the artist and the designer, it is a very significant trip full of symbolism: “The pilgrimage to the Holy Land is one of the goals. That beautiful place where Jesus was. That is why it is so special to renew love. It is one of the peak moments of surrendering again, that is why we Christians are sad in the midst of this massacre, the uncertainty. And having to suspend a trip…”, lamented Father Romero.

Fran Rivera and Lourdes Montes said “I do” on September 14, 2013 in a civil ceremony held in Ronda (Málaga). Ten months later, in July 2014, they celebrated their religious wedding in front of Esperanza de Triana at the wish of both of them. In the middle of one celebration and another, in March the bullfighter obtained the annulment of his first marriage with the mother of his daughter She is, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo.