Fox vs. Buccaneers Look ahead at the NFC Wild Card chances and props: The Eagles have three guys who might take over if A.J. Brown gets hurt.

Fox vs. Buccaneers Look ahead at the NFC Wild Card chances and props: The Eagles have three guys who might take over if A.J. Brown gets hurt.

There has been a lot of talk about the Philadelphia Eagles’ injuries before their NFC Wild Card game against the Buccaneers of Tampa Bay. There’s no doubt that it’s a huge setback for Philadelphia.

Early on Saturday, Birds fans got the news that A.J. Brown would not be able to play Monday night because he still hasn’t fully recovered from the injury to his knee that he got in the last game of the regular season in Week 18.

Brown has been a key offensive weapon for the Eagles this year. He caught 106 passes, which was eighth in the NFL, for 1,456 yards or seven scores, and was named to the Pro Bowl and the second-team All-Pro.

In this article, we look at the three players who can fill in for Brown and some player props that you might want to think about for each of them. In September, when the Eagles played the Buccaneers, he caught nine passes for 131 yards.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ season took another wild turn for the better on Monday night. This season, this team was picked to be arguably the worst team in the league.

They beat the defending NFC Champions 32–9 and are now guaranteed to play in the Divisional Round the following weekend.

The Bucs should be thinking of the Draft right now if the experts were right, but they’re still in the second round of the NFL playoffs.

On Monday night, the Buccaneers proved that they can compete with the best teams in the NFC. They showed that they could handle a date via the Detroit Lions.

A big reason for the Bucs’ success this season has been Baker Mayfield, who has made the year better.

Each year, having Tom Brady at quarterback gave the Buccaneers a free pass for the playoffs. Last season, the team put this to the test by making it with an undefeated record.

The grit that Baker took to Tampa this year has not just won over fans and his team, but it’s also helped create an atmosphere of success that almost no one saw coming.

That kept going strong after the Buccaneers’ huge win in the White Card game on Monday night.

Baker talked to the media after the game and had a message that showed why he’s so popular in the locker room this season. Trust the people around you.

“Just proud of these guys as well as everyone in the structure for managing to stick together in the manner that we did via the latter part of this year,” said Baker. “Don’t pay attention to the noise outside.

Baker also talked about how the Bucs like to focus on being the underdog, which is something that both the players and the fans have been upset about.

People thought Tampa Bay would lose a lot and be the second-worst side in the league. They weren’t even picked as favorites for their home playoff game.

It’s different when you’re an outsider or playing on the road. You feel like you have your backs towards the wall knowing that it’s your team against everybody else and you’re out.

Baker said, “That part is always fun.” “Our team has completely grasped that all over the year.”

This season has been a huge surprise, and Baker is the reason for that. People didn’t like him when he got to Tampa Bay, and most NFL experts thought he would fail.

He reacted by having a great year, and now he has led a squad that no one thought would win to a long playoff run.

One reason he seems like Tampa Bay’s future quarterback is his play on the field. Another is that he seems to be in charge of the locker room, which was clear during this postgame press conference.

Week 3 of the NFL season ends on Monday in a pair of games. The first is in Tampa, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face the Eagles. These two teams are both off to fast starts with 2-0 records.

In some ways, that shouldn’t be a surprise for Philadelphia after making it to the Super Bowl last year. But it is for the Buccaneers, who were thought to be in a transitional year after Tom Brady retired.

Instead, Baker Mayfield seems strong, and they’ve been able to sneak two wins to start the year. Of course, playing Philadelphia will be tougher than usual, even though the game takes place at Raymond James Stadium.

We are going to look at that game from the point of view of gaming. The line will change before Monday, and we’ll also look at the total and a few player props. Let’s make sure you comprehend how to watch this big derby game first.