Four million less for Pogba

Paul Pogba lives with a return ticket. Except for French football, where he has never returned since leaving the Le Havre academy, one of the most prolific in France, the midfielder decided years ago to return to United and now, he could do it to Juventus in Turin.

After failing to fit in with Sir Alex Ferguson following his stint through all the Carrington club’s youth ranks, the Frenchman left for Turin. In Italy he found his home. Paul Pogba was confirmed alongside Pirlo and Arturo Vidal, among others, as one of the best midfielders in Europe. His football was of the highest level. Management of the middle, defense, spectacular goals and all added to a unique charisma with hairstyles, celebrations and a lot of character.

The Frenchman, who had many suitors, decided to make the leap to Manchester United. From one giant to another. The Premier offered him a salary at the level of the best and the opportunity to redeem himself wherever he had to go. The Red Devils paid up to 105 million euros for his contract, being, at the time (2016), the most expensive signing in history.

He never consistently performed as such and, as was the case when he was a youth, he and United never quite clicked. Giving a good level, each call-up to France was oxygen for his football, playing much better for Deschamps than at Old Trafford. In search of that constancy in the elite, Pogba has decided not to renew with Manchester United and is seriously considering his return to Juventus. According to the Daily Mirror, the Frenchman already has an offer of 9 million euros on the table from the Turinese.

The search for his football rebirth will cost Paul Pogba, who would forgive up to four million euros compared to his current salary of 13.2 million euros at Manchester United. That is the price to pay to return to Juventus Stadium. There, if he finally returns, he will have to work to succeed again in Calcio.

The one seeking his return to France is Paris Saint-Germain, also interested in hiring his services. One of the most valued free players in Europe who always has a return ticket, although he could stay. As reported by The Athletic, the midfielder had a “flattering” offer from Manchester City on the table. They assure that the medium seriously considered staying, but he ended up declining the option of continuing in the north of the United Kingdom.

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