Former director Tamara Ramos who denounced Rubiales for alleged harassment: “What color is your underwear?”

Lurid details of Luis Rubiales’ past come out. Tamara Ramos was marketing director of the AFE, Association of Spanish Soccer Players, when she denounced him for an alleged crime of workplace harassment. Then Rubiales was already the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. On the global controversy that has been unleashed by the kiss on the mouth that he gave to Jenni Hermoso, the former manager has been blunt: “I am not surprised because I have known him for many years and I have suffered from him.” This has been pronounced before the cameras of The summer program.

Tamara Ramos, who denounced Rubiales for an alleged crime of harassment, has decided to reveal her experience after 10 years. With the lawsuit in her hand, she has recounted some of the harassment she suffered. “Humiliation, words that I cannot repeat due to the schedule, but it has been outrageous for a long time.” He has acknowledged that he asked him intimate questions, “such as what color underwear are you wearing today and how do you feel, being a woman in the world of football…” Ramos has slipped that, “with the power” he had, it was ” difficult” to face.

“You have come to put on your knee pads”

He has also recalled in the Telecinco space an episode that took place in front of Casillas and Piqué. “With the sarcasm that he has of laughing, he told me ‘come on, you have come to put on your knee pads'”.

At the end of her speech, Tamara explained what her family situation was then, with two babies, one three months old: “Obviously you lose your job, but I did it with a contract termination, he didn’t want to and then I had to sue. When asked which is the real face of Rubiales, the one on the podium or the one with the apologies, Tamara did not hesitate: “The face that is the one he has given (…) It is easier for them to believe me now that it has been seen what it is”. In addition, he has clarified that there is “a lot” of machismo in the world of football.