For Iturralde “there is no penalty to Llorente and there is a Koke hand”

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Marcos Llorente caused in the 70th minute the penalty that was the sentence. The midfielder went at speed from Rodrigo Ely and fell in the area before the opposition of Rubén Duarte. The referee Melero López, after reviewing the action by the VAR, decreed a penalty. However, the collegiate of As and Ser considered that the action should not have been sanctioned with the maximum penalty: “For me, Marcos Llorente steps on the Alaves player and there is no penalty. It is Marcos Llorente who treads. It is a ball dispute. This year, if the ball is on the field of play, even if the foul is outside, a penalty should be called equally “

However, Iturralde considered that Melero López was right to signal a penalty in the 90th minute by Koke's hand when stopping a shot by Joselu inside the area: “Penalty. It is one thing when the hand is between the ground and the body and the hand has to put it somewhere, butIn this you throw yourself and the left hand is already occupying an unnatural space. When you slide across the field you are taking up more space, so it is handy. Here Koke takes unnecessary risk by diving with his hands. You have to get rid of the intention, now the key is to see where the hand is at the beginning of the play. The rebound in this type of case does not count. “

Iturralde González remembers circular 4 of hands: “The hand or arm is positioned in an unnatural way and allows the body to take up more space, even in the event that the ball touches the player's hand or arm after bouncing off the head, body or foot of the player. said player or another player who was located near the first “.

The rojiblanco captain saw a yellow card in that action and will not be able to play the match against Barcelona next Tuesday.