For Iturralde, Messi tempted Yeray on the plate

Messi made a hard tackle at the wrong time to Yeray in which he stepped on it in the 68th minute. The Athletic defender was stretched out on the Camp Nou grass without the Barça '10' seeing the yellow card from Gil Manzano. For Iturralde González, analyst at AS: “It is at least yellow. Messi enters with the iron to dispute the ball. If he hit the first leg it would have been more dangerous and could have been red. But Messi has to make him look: a push in Seville, this iron … “

The former colleague has assured about this type of play: “Two actions that are border were settled with a warning but if they had been another color, it would also be within the regulations to be able to expel.”

Iturralde has compared Messi's entry to the elbow of Casemiro: “No one can say anything. He gives a foul and does not warn. Gil Manzano sends the action to the VAR saying that he has not seen it because he does not warn him. Yeray goes to the ground and one leg covers the other. It's like Casemiro's nudge, that if they expelled both him and Messi they can't say nothing. “About Messi has remembered the push in front of the Seville: “Nor did they warn Messi for pushing Fernando against Sevilla.”