For Iturralde Felipe's penalty is not; the one from Semedo to Carrasco, yes

Messi's 2-1 at Barcelona-Atlético came through a penalty that, according to Iturralde González, did not have to be whistled. Hernández Hernández understood that Felipe knocked down Semedo when he entered the area, but for the referee of AS and SER it is not enough contact to call the maximum penalty.

“For me it is not a penalty, but since there is contact the VAR will not enter. Football is contact and the VAR is charging the contact, “regrets Iturralde. In the repetitions it is seen that the contact is very slight, since Semedo's foot does not even move. But Hernández Hernández did not hesitate and pointed to the penalty spot .

In the first penalty of the match, that of Saúl's goal, the Barça footballers protested the repeat of the shot. However, the replay made it clear that Ter Stegen is ahead.

AND in the 2-2, Iturralde does see a penalty: “Semedo doesn't want to trip him, but he hits his knee on the foot and doesn't let him continue.”