Font: “They are trying, anyway, to delay the process as much as possible”

The candidate for the elections of FC Barcelona, ​​Víctor Font, denounced that the board of directors chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu is “trying, in all ways, delay the whole process as much as possible “ of the motion of censure. After confirming the validity of the signatures necessary to carry out the vote of no confidence, Font regretted the attitude that, according to him, the board of the Barça entity is having.

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Do you want to paralyze the vote of no confidence? It is spectacular. We have no words left. The one that is evident is that They are trying in every possible way to delay this whole process as long as possible. They are trying to discredit the motion once the signatures are obtained“, said Font, before presenting his project of 'Yes to the future” in Escaldes-Engordany before some eighty Barça members from the Principality of Andorra.

“The big question we ask ourselves is why this resistance to the democratic process of more than 20,000 members who have mobilized in very difficult conditions. The Barça partners do not deserve that the result has been this and that they continue to play dirty and prosecute the process“, he insisted in reference to the denunciation by supposed falsification of signatures that the Barcelona entity has made. He insisted.

Regarding a possible resignation of Bartomeu, Víctor Font was clear: “He does not intend to resign, no. If he did not do it before, when he already gave reasons to resign, he will not do so now. Now he goes to the Civil Guard for 300 signatures when there is more than 3,000 margin. I wonder what should happen to him and what should motivate him to hold onto the chair in this way. “

The candidate is clear that the board led by Bartomeu is looking for “excuses for bad payers”, appealing “to the sense of responsibility for not leaving the club in the hands of a management board when some decisions are better not made by them.”

“This restructuring of expenses that they are doing now with the negotiation of lowering salaries cannot be allowed. It has to be done before and not now. It is all very strange,” he complained.

Víctor Font also criticized the words of the vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​Jordi Cardoner, in which he recalled that there were about 90,000 members who had not given their support to the motion: “Now they put the argument of appealing to the silent majority. It is a very poor argument and it also occurs in current politics“.

He also had a message for former vice president Joan Laporta, who continues to fail to appear strongly in the pre-election scene. “I think of us and we want to present our project. If Laporta wants to present himself, he must present his to the partners, because it is not about living from the past or the figure of a specific person“, sentenced Font.