Following UNC’s win over Duke, Cormac Ryan celebrates alongside Duke fans.

Following UNC’s win over Duke, Cormac Ryan celebrates alongside Duke fans.

The third-ranked UNC basketball team beat the seventh-ranked Duke team at the Dean Smith Center. All North Carolina players want to beat Duke because it’s an experience that won’t ever be forgotten.

When the game was over, Ryan and a few of their UNC basketball teammates went to Franklin Street to party with Durham fans.

Video clips that were shared on social media showed that Ryan seemed to be having a great time with his friends.

Ryan is looking to enjoy the moment, which is fitting for a player who is in his last year of college.

During that time, he’s having the best time of his life because he will always remember being able to toast the big win and see how excited the UNC basketball fans are.

The players deserve the love that UNC basketball fans have for them after a win like that. Everyone who loves the Tar Heels, whether they play on the team or are just a fan, has to experience the tradition of Rushing Franklin Street.

The “too small” gesture was used by Bacot to hit Filipowski. As the players on the court huddled after the play, Harrison Ingram or Cormac Ryan strongly copied the gesture.

When ESPN showed the bench soon after, Bacot’s teammates were having fun with it too, as they joined in the celebration.

This season, the “too small” move has been used a lot by Ingram. Bacot has also used it a few times.

The game was very intense, and Filipowski hit Bacot with an elbow that broke five teeth. This is why the North Carolina Tar Heels were so excited at this point, especially since they were getting closer and closer to beating their traditional rivals.

When networks show highlights of the basketball rivalry between UNC and Duke in the future, this is a moment that should be there.

The last time Georgia Tech played, they lost three games in a row and eight of their last nine games overall. They were 10-11 and 3-7 in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Still, the Yellow Jackets have had some great moments. For example, they beat No. 21 Mississippi State 67–59 on Nov. 28 and No. 7 Duke 72–68 on Dec. 2 to start the ACC season, giving them their third house win over a Top 25 team.

“Let’s put on our big boy pants,” Sturdivant said. “Every time we play a Top 25 team, it feels like we’re taking the stage.”

This is another important moment in this rivalry that Tar Heels fans are going to love watching again and again for a while to come.

North Carolina’s RJ Davis scored a game-high 28 points. He won the race to a loose ball after George missed a jump shot and made a layup with 34 seconds left to give his team a 73-72 lead.

George said, “If I could fall, I could at least get a shot up and let my teammates break the glass.” North Carolina’s first conference loss came after the best start to an ACC season since the 2000-01 season, when it won its first 11 games.

With 4.6 seconds left, North Carolina called a timeout. But RJ Davis missed a last-second jumper, which made Georgia Tech fans rush onto the court to celebrate.

A final shot by Davis was blocked by Ebenezer Dowuona of Georgia Tech. Davis begged the officials for a foul but failed. He said he couldn’t tell if there was a foul or not.

“We thought Davis was in a spot where he could attack a guy and get a couple of steps on him,” Hubert Davis said. “… I could not see anything else. RJ was on the ground when I last saw him.