Following in the footsteps of Mamá Borrego: José María and Paola are already thinking about an exclusive that could affect Carmen

With a good face but very few words. This is how they reacted José María Almoguera y Paola Olmedo to the publication of their separation just nine months after becoming parents of their first child, Marc. They are not known, precisely, for their long talks with the press but that, on this occasion, could be due to a reason that would have nothing to do with the discretion that they have wanted to maintain until now, since they assure that both the son of Carmen Borrego as their still daughter-in-law, they would be considering granting exclusive interviews to tell what happened.

This is how, at least, they have expressed it to their colleagues. TardeAR: “If I have something to say, I will say it in a few days”, said José María, who also wanted to clarify that there were no third parties in the breakup and that he has gone to live with his father, in Arroyomolinos. According to Leticia Requejo, the decision to separate was Paola’s and José María continues to wear her wedding ring because “he’s still in love with her.”

The close environment does not rule out a reconciliation although they also suggest that both would be considering the possibility of taking a pinch out of the situation and talking with a check involved. José María would have very kind words for the mother of his son, whom he wants to win back, but Paola’s attitude would not be so belligerent: “I could talk about other things, other problems they have had”they say, pointing out the confrontation between Paola and Carmen Borrego that led to a total distancing of the couple from the talk show host.

With Carmen in Honduras, oblivious to the media commotion, the Campos remain on the sidelines of the situation: “I only look out for my nephew and his wife, nothing more,” he said this Tuesday. Terelu Campos. “These are things that happen, I didn’t know anything, I found out from the press,” said her daughter. Alejandra.