Fognini takes advantage of the break to operate on both ankles

The Italian tennis player Fabio Fognini has decided to have surgery on the two ankles that had caused him discomfort in recent years, taking advantage of the break in the circuit due to the pandemic. The arthroscopy of both will take place this same Saturday in Italy, as announced by the San Remo tennis player on social networks.

“I have had a problem with my left ankle for three and a half years, It is a problem that I have learned to face. Then my right ankle started to give problems in the last two years too, “Fognini said.

“I expected that the problems would disappear during the two months off the circuit due to confinement, but when I returned to train, they were still there,” he continues in his note. “After a medical examination and a long discussion with my team, I decided to have arthroscopic surgery on both ankles. I think it is the right thing to do while the circuit is on this forced rest. Today I will undergo surgery in Italy. I can't wait to play again. I know you will support me. A big hug to everyone “, ends Fabio Fognini.