Flick: “I'm counting on Robert Lewandowski”

The coach of Bayern
Munich, Hansi
Flick, counts for the European Super Cup against the Seville, of this Thursday, with Robert
Lewandowski despite the fact that the Polish striker has had some problems with his left foot that forced him to reduce training.

“Everyone who has traveled is in good shape. I am counting on Robert Lewandowski to do the full training and that he will be able to play tomorrow,” said the coach.

Lewandowski suffered in the match against him Schalke a blow to the foot, so he did not train on Monday, according to the club, as a precaution, and the next unit did it only in part.

“With Robert I think he will reach what he has trained, I don't worry,” he said.

With respect to Javi
Martinez, which could come out in the next few days, Flick He said he is counting on him since he is still part of the squad.

“Javi Martínez is still part of the squad and naturally I count on him. He can enter if the game requires it. I know very well that Javi is a player who always responds,” the coach stressed.

Javi Martínez is still part of the squad and naturally I count on him

In that regard, Flick he joked, declaring himself “surprised” that Javi
Martinez He would have traveled after what he had read in recent days and the news that he was seen on the way to Bilbao. “I am happy that Javi has come with us and to be able to count on him,” he said.

Flick He further said that he expected the team to show in the duel against him Seville the usual intensity to get a good result. “This is a duel between two teams that have achieved something great and I know that the team will show the usual intensity and will give everything for a new title,” he said.

With respect to Seville
Flick He said that it was a team that just won the League
Europe, well prepared tactically and who has the resources to put the opposition under pressure: “I hope tomorrow a good match for the spectators with dynamics and intensity. I think a lot can be expected from both teams.”