Five Eintracht fans arrested

The National Police has arrested five fans of the unity German Frankfurt for riots and attacks on fans of the Glasgow Rangers Scottish in a massive fight that took place in front of the Cathedral of Seville at midnight on Monday.

The events, as reported by the Police in a statement, occurred when a group of 200 Eintracht fans attacked Rangers supporters in the area surrounding the Cathedral and police officers who were in the Plaza de San Francisco, about a hundred meters away. They intervened to break up the tumult and the fight.

Observing the rapid arrival of the National Police Units, the German fans fled towards Paseo Colón, parallel to the Guadalquivir River, beating Glasgow Rangers supporters as they fled and confronting the police officers who were trying to prevent the attack. assault on Scottish supporters.

At this time, the German fans began to throw glass, flares and tables at the police officers and, when they reached about 100 meters from the bars located on Paseo de Colón and Calle Adriano, the police had set up lines of containment and managed to neutralize the incident in this way, firing a few salvos.

The place of these events is the same in which a confrontation between fans of Eintracht and English West Ham took place last March, when these teams faced Betis and Sevilla respectively in the round of 16 of the Europa League. As a result of these incidents there are no serious injuries, except for a Scottish supporter with a head injury.

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