First words of Carolina Monje, ex-girlfriend of Aless Lequio, about Ana Obregón’s granddaughter

The debate around Ana Obregon After having become a mother and grandmother at 68 after renting the womb of a woman in Miami to gestate an embryo fertilized with the sperm of her own son, who died three years ago, she does not stop.

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As defended by the actress in Hola, “this was Aless’s last will, to bring his son into the world.” But, how do we countNot everyone involved in this matter agrees that Aless wanted his semen for any purpose other than to have children with his girlfriend at the time or with another in the future if he had survived cancer.

A key person in all this is Carolina Monk, the young businesswoman with whom Aless Lequio had a sentimental relationship when he died. This Friday, the journalist Monica Vergara assured in Fiesta that he had been able to speak with Carolina and drew several conclusions from that conversation.

“It was a very short, aseptic and concise conversation. In his tone of voice I noticed that sadness that this whole situation is removing him a lot,” Vergara revealed. Carolina feels “pain” and, therefore, she “wants to be completely out of this story, she wants to focus on her professional life,” Mónica added.

It should be remembered that Beatriz Cortazar revealed that Carolina refused to have Aless’s child after his death. “At that moment, Aless leaves a girlfriend, not just parents, and there was talk that the girlfriend would be the one to fulfill that last wish. (…) She is left alone, they had a life plan, they had They talked about having a family and having their children… Carolina’s wish was to have him with him, it was something they had thought about together. She does not want to have a child alone, she does not see herself with the capacity to fulfill Aless’s wish because was not what they had imagined,” the journalist explained in The Ana Rosa Program.

Obregón and Monje were thick and thin. Together they accompanied Aless in the fight against cancer and mourned her death, disconsolate for her. Many were surprised by her distance and Ana’s disinterest in the new life that the young woman is forging with the businessman Alejandro Lopera, with whom he marries in October. It was said then that it was very hard for Ana to see her ex-daughter-in-law rebuild her life with another person, but, apparently, Carolina’s refusal to have Aless’s child after her death was what would have hurt her the most. to Obregon.