First notice to Setién

What of Luis Suarez to the end of the Vigo match it sounded, in bullfighting terms and also in general, to first notification for Quique Setién. “The trainers they are for something“, He said Uruguayan when asked about the Barça's problems out of home. And although those problems this year also came to light with Valverde from the first day in Bilbao and a little later in Granada, the words of Suarez they did not go of course support to the Cantabrian. The Uruguayan was hot. Despite his knee problems, he had thrown the team on his back (once again, out of home, where he has scored 7 of his 13 goals). Setien replaced him and the 2-2.

But Suárez's message to Setién had more background than a punctual anger. Reflects true distrust of the sacred cows in the locker room, of which Suárez is a part. The mistrust that has existed since the board of directors decided to end the stage of Ernesto Valverde and, after try it with Xavi and Koeman, and think about it with Pochettino, he chose Setién, coach who arrived, according to Abidal's words, to “give a boost” that has not been such.

The Barça players, who had had a relationship of quite complicit with Valverde, they felt singled out when Abidal slipped in that some were complaining that with the Txingurri I know I worked little, as if dropping that they had been collaborationists with the dismissal of the technician. Messi shook Abidal on social networks because he did not totally agree with the dismissal of Valverde. And less with that Abidal airease disagreements without giving names. That cracked the locker room. In summary, Setien was not a consensus man. Not a shake. On the contrary, and despite his promises cruyffists, did involve Barça in the beginning with a devilish system that had to be corrected by the players, who asked play again with the He drew and the automatisms of previous years.

Stripped of that authority, or at least without all the power of decision, Setien hug the Valverde doctrine, close to self-management. The difference is that Valverde was gaining authority with his players in the second season and Setién ran out of jokers at the first change. Their statementssometimes too “transparent”, neither have they convinced in the dressing room.

Shield / Flag Barcelona

its situation is not easy. Although it has contract until 2022, with the option that the new president you cut the contract in 2021, is not stable in the position. He himself has accompanied with the tagline of provisionality “while I'm here” some of his explanations about the future. And although by the way it's gone running out of rivals for the next season (Xavi will not be a coach with Bartomeu and Abidal except for a major surprise and Koeman will continue with the Netherlands until the Euro Cup), Setién will not will be able to continue if not wins League and Champions.

In summary, the wardrobe considers than there has been no improvement with Setién And, as usually happens in these cases, it does not ask you to help the team score points. But not to lose them. The Vigo changes, unlike those of Athletic, they made Barça worse. The pyrotechnician Braithwaite was chaos that almost self-ejects, Griezmann wandered through the field and Arthur was on to something else. So Suarez was hot after the game. First notice to Setién.