Maria Teresa Campos continues to be present on the small screen. The presenter, after a lifetime dedicated to communication, died on September 5 at the age of 82. Three months after learning the tragic news, TVE pays tribute to the queen of mornings through a special. This Saturday, have himthe eldest of the Campos sisters, shares the first promotion of the well-deserved tribute to the journalist.

As the trailer illustrates, with a photo of María Teresa in the background on the set, Alejandra Rubio's mother has declared: “With all my heart and with all the great names in her life. I wait for you at the tribute to María Teresa Fields”. Likewise, through her Instagram profile, the presenter has stated: “Very soon! I want you to see it because this will be your tribute to her.”

A few weeks ago, Carmen Borrego's sister already commented on what this great tribute was going to be like. “I want to tell you that I am overwhelmed with everything that is being prepared for the tribute that we are going to pay to my mother,” she said in the magazine Readings. Thus, in the aforementioned magazine, the presenter also clarified that she will be in charge of presenting the special and her sister will be in charge of directing it. “The one who is carrying the burden of preparation is my sister, along with a great team. She directs and I execute,” she said.

“I just want it to live up to our mother. I am sure that Carmen and the entire team are doing everything possible to make it happen. I am counting the days until you see it. I am very grateful to all the artists and the entire people who, selflessly, are going to participate in the special. This will be our small gift to her. Thanks to TVE for trusting that this tribute can be of interest to the public that has followed María Teresa Campos for so many years,” he concluded.