First images of Santiago Pedraz and Elena Hormigos with their newborn son in Madrid

Santiago Pedraz y Elena Hormigos They enter a new and exciting stage together. Last Thursday they welcomed their first child together, and this Monday they could already be seen walking with the little one through the streets of Madrid.

Smiling and sheltered, the judge, 65, and the lawyer, 36, They were photographed taking a walk with their baby, Jacobo, who was also protected from the cold by placing the hood on his cart. Before entering their home, they stopped to have a drink at a cafeteria, where they could also be seen enjoying this first day of family leisure.

The judge of the National Court responded to questions from the media, ensuring that these days everything has gone “well” and that The birth was “perfect.” Then, very grateful, they continued on their way.

It was the journalist Beatriz Cortázar who announced the news last week with a congratulatory message on her Instagram profile. “Congratulations to Santiago Pedraz and Elena Hormigos on the birth of their son “Jacob who was born at 9:35 p.m. today (November 2) in Madrid”, he communicated.

“Both the mother and the baby are feeling great. This is very happy news that has come just a few days ahead of the expected date,” added Cortazar, who also said some time ago that the baby “was not in the pools”but it was “highly desired.”

Pedraz and Hormigos met last December thanks to a friend they have in common, and only Four months later the news of the pregnancy broke. Both not only share a profession, as they are also passionate about music, cinema and painting.

Their courtship began six months after the magistrate’s breakup with the widow of the Marquis of Griñón. Pedraz and Doña announced their wedding in the summer of 2022 exclusively, although it turned out that the two broke up shortly before the magazine went on the market. “I get hives. I don’t know if I will ever get over it or if I will have to go to a psychologist to get over this,” Doña lamented.

Shortly after this information came to light, the journalist Nacho Gay He told Antena 3 that Doña “was in shock.” “In five months he is going to be a father with another woman,” she said sarcastically.