First images of Britney Spears' father after the amputation of his leg

James Spearsfather of Britney Spears, has been photographed for the first time without his right leg. The snapshots were taken this past Tuesday, when the 71-year-old man was leaving a warehouse in Kentwood, in the state of Louisiana, his hometown.

In the photographs, James appears receiving help from a friend to access the passenger seat of a car, since he is in a wheelchair. His daily life is now more limited and he has to adapt to a new mobility, since he had an amputation in the operating room. ten centimeters above the knee.

These images come after the American press reported on the delicate state of health of the person who was Britney Spears' legal guardian for 13 years. Last October she was seen continuously visiting various health centers. However, her daughter, with whom she has a strained relationship – especially after the artist won the case against her father and was freed from her guardianship – did not comment on it at any time, although it is true that she published an image with James on Instagram lacking text and which, shortly after, he deleted.

After comments about his fragile health, the press reported that the man, who lived “in a motorhome next to the warehouse where he keeps all of Britney's things,” due to a complication in a previous intervention. “He had a knee replacement and contracted a terrible infection,” reported a source close to TMZ.

“He is not well. The infection in his leg was massive. She underwent five interventions to contain it, without success. “His doctors decided that the only way to proceed was with amputation,” the informant said.

The truth is that after entering a rehabilitation clinic in Louisiana to treat his alcoholism His health had deteriorated greatly.. A delicate situation that could have been seen, according to sources, strongly affected by her poor emotional state, which is why there are those who blame the 'pop princess' for her father's personal situation. “She has had many ailments, and to that we must add the torrent of criticism that she has received for the way in which she directed the guardianship… And Jamie thinks that everything is terribly unfair,” they told the aforementioned American portal.